Yo Momma's Hassleback Chicken Breast

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Feb 18, 2012
SCV - So Cal
With all the delicious pictures floating around here of the Hassleback Chicken Breasts from DougE DougE and SmokinEdge SmokinEdge I thought I would give it a go.

These breasts were so large :emoji_grimacing: I had to put them in the oven a while to partially cook.


Then I added mozzarella with beef and lamb gyro meat.


Topped with Yo Momma's spicy marinara, cheddar and feta. Then back in the oven until 165*.


All done.


Plated and ready to devour.


That looks like another good option for big breasts. :emoji_grimacing: When I bought them from Vallarta yesterday they were even larger than in the pictures. I just kinda grabbed them on site. When I got home I realized that they still had a lot of fat and bones attached including ribs.

It wasn't a big deal but meant a few minutes butchering them to get to the clean breasts. :emoji_grimacing:
Man.... I don't eat alot of chix breast, but I might just have to try this after what.. the third post in a week?
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Dang you guys are twisting my arm on these breast. Already had them planned with a few tweaks and now I just gotta do it!
Yours looks excellent. And your right, some of these chicken breast you get look almost like turkey breast.

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