Saturday, No foil BB's, ABT's, Fatties, BBQ sauce, Qview

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Jun 22, 2009
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Had a rack of BB's in the fridge overnite, with just a basic rub. Got some of Jeff's sauce simmering on the stove. Getting ready to put together some ABT's, stuffed with sharp white cheddar. Also a couple of fatties (pizza sauce, fresh spinach, provolone, pepperoni, red pepper flakes). It's windy and about 55 degrees outside. The WSM should be fine. Using a combination of hickory, oak, & cherry. Going to put the ribs on the bottom rack underneath the fatties. The juice from the fatties should baste the ribs and I'm not going to foil them. I'm going to keep the temps in the smoker in the 210-220 range and coat them with brown sugar letting it melt just before putting them in as per Johnny R's advice. Gotta get the fire going.


Get the fattie & the ABT's together. Sorry forgot to take a photo of the ABT's.


Here they are ready to go. You can just see the ribs on the bottom rack. I like to smoke the fatties & Abt's for 3 - 3 1/2 hours. I'll check the fatties with a probe when they get near to being done. The BBQ sauce will stay on until the last hour, I like it to take on as much smoke as possible, it really adds another layer of flavor to a already good sauce. When I take it off I will sauce the ribs for the last hour or so.


Here's the fatties all done. The abt's were gone so fast I didn't get a chance to get a photo. Sorry bout that   


Here's the ribs just out of the smoker.


Ready to eat.


They came out very juicy & tender. Everyone here likes fall off the bone ribs except me. So since I'm out voted I always foil them. It's kind of a pain to go thru the foil/unfoil thing & Johnny R suggested trying this method. A little lower temp & the brown sugar melting on the ribs just before they go in. It worked they were fall off the bone enough to satisfy everyone. They took a little longer to cook. About 6.5 hours, but they were very meaty for bb's.


Sorry the photo is a little blurry, but you can see how much meat is on these. Thanks for looking, and thanks to Johnny Rodriguez for his help.

Dang Al if you were closer I would drop by for a visit, what time was dinner?

Looks Great...
Sorry Beer it's almost all gone. I'm having the last rib for breakfast, but your welcome anytime!   

Dang Al if you were closer I would drop by for a visit, what time was dinner?

Looks Great...
No I'm not going to foil. It's much easier this way & is almost as tender as foiling. My wife, who would not be happy when I didn't foil the ribs in the past said these were the best ribs I have ever smoked. They had just the tiniest pull to them, they didn't fall off the bone, but they were as tender as fall off the bone.
Man that looks like some great food. So whats the verdict for the future rib smokes? Are you foiling or not?
That ALL looks Awesome Al.

That Johnny is something else!

I may have to reconsider my method in the near future.



Now thoses ribs and the fattie look awesome there Al. I wish it wa 55° here too. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.