Saturday nights ribs

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Aug 9, 2009
Methuen, MA
Earlier, this thread asked if anyone was smoking anything this weekend.

I responded that I had pulled a rack of ribs out of the freezer on Wednesday night.

Here it is:


Always before I have cut them St Louis style.  This time I decided only to take off the flap and the membrane.

Here's the other side (with my rub and "applicator" at the top right)


Fully rubbed (just rub, no mustard) and ready to be wrapped and rest in the fridge:


Ran it 3-2-1 in the GOSM big block with hickory.  Temp control was more difficult that usual.  It bounced from 205 to 255 and I couldn't get it stabilized.  Little tweaks made big variations, but the job got done!


and finally:


Served with salad and french fries.  I think I like them better left whole than cut St Louis style.

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