Santa Maria Gobbler

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Jan 27, 2019
My wife was hungry for turkey so I told her I'd cook up the longbeard i killed this spring for dinner. With the arrival of my Santa Maria attachment there was truly no other way i would want to cook it. So into A super simple salt/brown sugar brine the breasts went!

Post brine i just dusted it with some cumin and cayenne and into the grill it went. Unfortunately as I was finishing the bird hot over the coals, a tornado-esque thunder storm rolled in and i lost the fire. So it didn't get the color i was hoping for, but it finished up fine in the oven. Plated with some chipotle crema and the wife's caesar pasta salad and a fine midweek meal was has.

Most importantly, the wife looked at me while we were eating and said, "I think you should get more turkeys next year."

She won't be telling me twice!!!


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Nice job on the chicken Ben!
I have that attachment as well and we use it all the time!

Al I actually bought this after reading a post of yours just mentioning it. Absolutely loving it!
Looks good, what state you harvest the bird. Here in Missouri are population is way down but I did manage to kill one bird. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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