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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ac45acp, Nov 22, 2012.

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    this came out of a book i bought at a yard sale. published 1965. 50 lbs beef, 10lbs fat, mace, salt, pepper, cloves and brown sugar. dissolve 2 1/2 ozs. saltpeter in warm water, stuff into new muslin bags seam side out and smoke. the only reason given for the use of saltpeter was to keep the meat red. i know it has been used as a preservative for a long time. my question is, does anybody still use saltpeter?
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    I do at times. Dont post the use here when i do use it because some members dont understand the use of pure potassium nitrate. It can be dangerous if not used in the right amount.
  3. I use it some too, for long term curing.
    But, that's an unsafe recipe.....too much saltpeter.
    Convert the recipe to Cure #1 if you're going to go with it.
    If you're smoking at lower temps, then cure isn't just for color... it's essential.

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    I made some cure using SP and was asked (kindly) to delete the post as it was to advanced for some new members.
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    I have a recipe for a dried Italian sausage that calls for the use of saltpeter. It hangs for something like 6 weeks. Can Cure#1 be used in its place?

    Thanks for your help,

  6. No, but you can use cure #2, in the proper amount only, it can't be directly substituted for saltpeter.

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    Thanks Martin.....

    I meant to say Cure#2.....brain f##t. Am I correct that #2 should be used at 1 tsp per 5 lb of meat?

  8. Yes.

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    I got a whole recipe book that calls for SP in all recipes-----LOL----I never use it, except to steal some ingredients other than the SP.

    I'll leave SP to you pros,


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