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  1. How do you keep you grinder plates from rusting? After i wash mine by hand i dry them and then the rust how can I stoop this?
  2. mdboatbum

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    Coat them with food safe oil.
  3. driedstick

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    Cover them in a food grade grease, just wash before next use, don't use a veg oil it will become rancid, give it a try this is what I do works for me. Look at your local grocery story them may have it if not try the sausage maker or LEM or BP - also when done put the plate in a zip lock bag so the grease does not get all over everything.

    Good luck hope this helps
  4. daveomak

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    I wash my plates in screaming hot water... dry with paper towels and air dry....  lube them and wrap in paper towels... keeping them separate...   

    To remove the rust,  I just read where toilet bowl cleaner that has rust remover might be a way to get into the holes... then wash thoroughly..  really thoroughly...   Another method is to soak the plates in Coca Cola...  That's unique....  try it and let us know how it works...  Whuda Thunk it...  

    I also have read where rice is a good moisture absorbent..   Maybe store in a bag in rice once dry....   

    I think the initial drying is critical to stop rust formation...    I'm not sure a little rust on the plates is a health issue.. Heck it's only iron... I cook in cast iron pans....    

  5. rexlan

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    Wash, put in a baggie with the blade and toss them in the refrigerator or freezer ... will not rust.
  6. food grade silicon spray ..... after washing in HOT soapy water
  7. boykjo

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    buy stainless steel plates......LOL Well..... I had to put my 2 cents in
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  9. chef jimmyj

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    Look for Mineral Oil in the Drug Store by the Laxatives. It is Food Safe, will not go rancid and you can go from the plastic bag right to the grinder without wiping. The small amount will not affect your Bowels and the plates are pre-lubed so the grinder won't bind and the knife won't scratch the plates. I have also heated the plates right on a gas burner for a minute or two, not to get them red hot but the flame dries them quickly...JJ
  10. Im new to this, but I'll tell you what I do in case it helps or gives you an ideal....

    Ive been washing everything in the sink,  and not the dishwasher, and on the counter I lay out one of those micro fiber towels made for drying your truck...they suck up water very well...and after rinsing everything, I'll lay the plates and knife on one siide for a few minutes, then the other side on a fresh spot on the micro fiber towel.  It gets them real dry , real quick.  I then give it a quick shot of pam, and stick everything in a zip lock far, so good.

    I was at bass pro last Friday and they had the food grade silicon spray, but it was 10 bucks a can.  It went in and out of the cart a couple of times and Im sure its still sitting by the jerky rack near the register waiting on some other fool to take it home with them.   i'll use the pam for now and pic up some good stuff from reteraunt depo next time Im there.
  11. ChefJimmyJ is right on the money. When I was young I spent lots of time around a sausage Kitchen and mineral oil was the primary way of inhibiting rust on the majority of the equipment.
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  15. I use food grade silicone spray or mineral oil.
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