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Any one own one of these or use one?

Great reviews. Looking to buy a grinder. Don't want to go into business just enough for home and a few friends for sausage. I've had enough of wanting to the gathering every year!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Thinking of duplicating Jerry's new smoke house we just finished.

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Don't know if you saw that thread or not. That's all I could find on here about it.
I have the Kitchener #12 that is mentioned on post #12 in above link, I haven't used it much but there was a lot of good talk on here about it right before X-mas last year.
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I have personally bought that one. I am new to smoking and meat grinding but personally what I have grinded came out perfect. I have done no deer or anything like that but for the price I feel it is one hell of an entry level grinder.

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Yep, I've owned it for about a year now. I am very happy with it. Buy a can of food grade silicone spray and spray the blades and plates when you store them. Follow the instructions, don't put the aluminum part in the dishwasher and you will be happy.
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Just keep in mind that they use a goofy disk arrangement and you CAN NOT buy any other sizes.  I felt they are too small (holes) ending up with a pretty fine grind every time.


The Kitchner is hit and miss.  I got 2 bad ones in a row and gave up.  They did not have any power and got quite hot.

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That's correct. Its the one fault of the grinder in they use a proprietary plate. Was looking at it online at work last night and wondered if you could change the whole end assembly from another make of grinder. I have never used so don't know, are all augers attached differently. Could you take an end assembly from a lem, northern tool etc and simply attach that to the grinder and have the use of standard plates?

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I would like to clarify my original post. I didn't notice there were two grinders being discussed. I own the Turbo STX 3000. My comments are referring to that grinder. I highly recommend it.
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Ended up with the LEM # 12

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I bought the Megaforce before deer season last year, ground up two deer plus ground up pork right away to mix in.  Ground through the medium plate twice, first time through it ate it up pretty quick but the second time took much longer and a lot more work but I was not expecting commercial grade results.  Over all for the money I can not complain.



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