Rusty grinder plate

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pc farmer

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Feb 17, 2013
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I had this plate get lost.

It's covered in corrosion and has rust in the holes.

What can I soak it in to clean it up?
CF, time for a new one ! 
Then emery cloth the heck out of it. All that rough surface will surely screw up the sharpness of the blade. A lot of work. I vote for a new one.
Easier to toss it as it will mess up the blade.

I keep all my grinder plates, blades, auger, neck and front nut in a container of rice, Rice keeps the moisture out.
flat sides can be sanded with emory this is also how to sharpen them       hone or ream or drill them out   all in all prob be easier to replace it

Sausage maker has plates for 16 bucks apiece.

Yea, just going to replace it.
Muratic Acid. Find it in the pool cleaning supplies at the hardware store. Read the directions and precautions carefully and wear your ppe. Use outdoors and even fumes away from ANYTHING else. (damhik!) Put it in a cup or so in a butter tub or something like that and let it soak for a while, and VIOLA! oxidation is gone and shiny bare metal. Coat immediately with oil of choice or will flash rust quickly. Dispose of used acid properly.

Yeah... Probably better to just replace it. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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