Rub Time

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Oct 3, 2015
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This has probably been covered before here, but I couldn't find it.
Is it best to apply the rub to ribs and let then sit wrapped overnight, or rub them 2 hours before putting them on the smoker
 I like overnight or even a couple days out. Salt in the rub is essentially a Dry Brine. It pulls juices, makes a brine and then gets reabsorbed, flavoring and tenderizing the meat...JJ
I'm with Case on this. I rub my ribs while the cooker is coming up to temp. Some folks will rub, wrap and let sit overnight, but I personally think the meat on ribs is so thin that the overnight makes no difference.
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All depends on what flavor I want. Most rubs have salt. Salt pulls moisture and overnight will kinda give a ham flavor, at least I think.

Most of the time I season right before going on the smoker.
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I've done it both ways & even longer than overnight.

I think just before you put them on the smoker lets the pork flavor come out better.

Too long & the rub overpowers the meat.

Another vote for putting the rub on as the smoker is coming up to temp.....

I have put on the night before and wrapped in saran wrap. The next day it seemed like I pulled off most of the rub while unwrapping.

I do agree that last minute rub makes a less pronounced flavor and therefore the pork flavor takes center stage. Even though I like my rub - I like pork better.......

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