Rub mix to make finishing or BBQ sauce?

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Original poster
Jan 8, 2014
South Central Tennessee
Was just reading up on some more post while waiting for a day off and good enough weather to attempt my first real smoke. I see many recipes for sauces. I just wonder why not just use your rub mix for seasoning the sauces as it would carry over the spice profile you used on the rub.

For example...

 A vinegar based finishing sauce might be vinegar, and / or apple juice, and some of the rub spice mix.

Just kind of thinking out loud here LOL! I made up a small 1/2 cup test and may try it on a bite or two of my first pulled pork. 

First thing that comes to mind is it might be too strong or too salty.

Hay, gotta learn somehow! and I sure have a LOT to learn!!

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