Rolled Boneless Butts, Ribs and Tips on Maiden WSM

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  1. Breaking in the brand new WSM 18.  Starting Simple with a couple of 3# rolled boneless butts, ribs and flap/brisket/tips.  Sweet and spicy raid the cabinet rub, apple wood, apple spritz for the ribs/tips, 225F pit temp.  Started at 2pm Central.

    Started the fire:


    Meat on the grill:


    More at about 7pm Central.
  2. Looking outstanding!
  3. Interesting fire set up there.  Is that a rock you have to make the fire burn in a circle?  I've seen an empty coffee can used but not a rock...

    Did you have any trouble maintaining temps with a new WSM?  I recommend seasoning your smoker to get some grease built up on the inside.  Harry Soo has some great ideas about seasoning the WSM.
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    Looks like a great feast!!![​IMG]
  5. Thanks 'Bama, can't wait to see the Tide play at Mizzou in October.  That's a rock... all I have are coffee bags, and I didn't think that they would do very well.

    Temperature was tough.  The dome therm fluctuated between 200 and 250, but after 4 hours kind of settled in at about 225.  Based on cook times, those readings had to be a good 25 degrees HIGHER {edit} than the cooking area (I've read about this) -- although I also read that the WSM cooks hot when it's new.  

    It was a tough cook.  Tips were great, ribs went well (4 hours + 2hrs in foil + 1hr to firm).  I took one of the butts off at 170 for slicing, and the other off at 200 to pull. 

    Final Qviews after work.
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  6. Looks great. It probably took that rock a little while to heat up. Once it did your temp probably got more stable.
  7. Butt - sliced, these are for breakfast all week :


    Butt sliced - Close up:

  8. That might be the problem; I think I was worried about the warnings of the WSM cooking hot the first few times, added max water and I reigned the fire in pretty hard as it was moving through 225F range.  I also need to get a better idea of what the cooking area temp is compared to the built in therm.
  9. The rest, ribs and pulled pork:


  10. The food looks great.

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