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    So I had my first rib smoking experience a few weeks ago and it went pretty well. I have the masterbuilt electric smoker, 30", and did it very basic. Put on a rub the night before, then did the 3-2-1 method  but didn't add anything to the ribs, other than wrapping them after 3 hours and bbq with 30 min left.

    Last weekend I tried again and this time I tried adding brown sugar, honey, and apple juice, from another thread here. They tasted amazing but my only issue was tenderness. After taking them out from the wrap, they were nearly falling off the bone already. I put them back in, then added some sauce. They tasted great, but weren't as fall off the bone as I would have liked. My question is if just cooking them for 30 minutes or so instead of the final hour would help fix this? Any tips are appreciated.

    Here is a final pic of the results from last weekend. Tasted great.

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    3-2-1 is just a guideline. A lot of factors can change the tenderness. Weight of ribs, thickness, smoker temp, how much liquid, etc. so just shorten the foiled time next time or play around with the overall time. Try 3-1.5.-1.5 or any combo. Ribs are done when they are done so try giving yourself 7 hours or so for a rib smoke at 225. If they finish early, you can wrap them in heavy duty foil, wrap some towels around them and stick them in a cooler to keep them warm for an hour or two. Keep experimenting and enjoy!
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    I have a masterbuilt electric 40in how long for 4 racks of baby back ribs? I'm very new to smoking.
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    More tenderness, more fall off the bone, more time in the foil. Less fall of the bone, less time in the foil. I tend to add additional time I remove from the second stage to the first stage.
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    So basically the 2-2-1 thing no matter how many racks of ribs.
  6. I'm thinking the first time you added more juice . buy adding more juice you have to be careful   because they can come out more mushy

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