Ribs in grocery store ads?

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by radio, Jul 30, 2014.

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    I thought I knew my pork ribs, but lately the weekly ads have either been getting creative, or I am becoming senile:)

    In the last few weeks I have seen Saint Louis ribs, short ribs, spare ribs, Baby backs, loin ribs and center cut ribs in the weekly grocery ads.  How dang many ribs can a pig have anyway?!?!?!?

    Aren't Baby backs cut from the adjoining loin area?  I guess that would make loin ribs and baby backs the same thing?  Someone please edumacate me before I go berserk and beat up a butcher with a pork chop[​IMG]
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    Here is one opinion....... country ribs are the pork butt sliced through the shoulder blade.....

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    Thanks for the info Dave[​IMG]   I knew CSR's really weren't ribs at all, but one would think the stores would standardize the rib description.  One could guess that loin cut ribs were the same as baby backs, but center cut ribs????  Does "center cut" sound more high falutin' than "St. Louis style"?  We all know about center cut pork chops, so are they just trying to make them sound "meatier? than "St. Louis style"?  Consumers have to be on their toes these days[​IMG]
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    Good question there O'l Radio Sir and a great answer there O'l Master of the Pit DaveOmak!

    I thanks ya both for the edumacation!
  5. pops6927

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    Spareribs - from the inside of the belly

    St. Louis ribs - Spareribs with the brisket cut off the ribs (the ligaments)

    Baby back ribs - the ribs removed from the loin adjacent to the spareribs

    Country style ribs - from the rib end roast or loin end roast, cut through the middle, then sliced

    Country style Shoulder - pork shoulder cut lengthwise, then into strips, both bone-in and boneless

    Center cut ribs - same as baby back ribs

    Center cut country style ribs - whole centercut loin roast cut in half lengthwise and then sliced

    See More At: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/a/pork-meat-selection-and-processing
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    Thanks.  Grocery stores are getting very deceptive with the ads in these parts lately.  I stopped and looked at the "center cut ribs" they advertised and they had very little meat on them.  They did appear to be cut from the center of the rib cage though, but they were not not worth the premium price they were advertising like "center cut" was extra meaty or better quality and therefore worth as much as baby backs.

    So far, baby backs are my preferred ribs.  I have yet to try CSR's in the smoker, but that is on the "to try" list.  I usually parboil 'em, then slap them on the grill over high heat, sauce 'em, turn and repeat a couple of times.  They are delicious and falling apart tender[​IMG]

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