Ribs 3-2-1 question?

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Feb 1, 2007
Bel Air, MD
Hi all, I am new to the forum.
I started smoking last year and love it! I have my first smoke of Pork ribs on right now and am in the "2" of the 3-2-1 method. I am smoking on a electric Charbroil Smoker (with water pan) - it's like the WSM (Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker). I am only using this, til my Smokin' Tex gets here - but had to use this smoker for a big BBQ party at my house tomorrow 2-25-07

I have a few questions on my first rib smoke:
I started the 3-2-1 method on the smoker at 6 pm tonight and the highest smoker temp I could muster was 188 degrees (Meat temp of 159), the outside temp here is 28 degree and I think this is why I could not get the smoker temp over 188 & I am also using water & apple juice mixture in the water pan (I am still doing some readin on the forum and it seems that most do not use water in the pan at all????). So, I left the ribs on for 4 hours intead of 3. I then pre heated my oven to 225 degrees, splashed the ribs with apple juice, and wrapped the ribs in foil. The meat temp hit 206 degrees at the end of the stage "2" part of the 3-2-1 method. Is this temp OK or is it to high or low?

Can I finish the "1" stage of the 3-2-1, at 225 degrees in the oven as well? The below picture is of the ribs as they were finished with stage "2" and I had just unwrapped them from the foil.


The reason I have to finish in the oven is that I also am doing a 9 pound brisket and threw that on the smoker (reloading with Oak chunks) after I pulled the ribs off of the "3" stage.

My plan is to leave the brisket on the smoker for 14 hours, then wrap in foil and do 2 hours in the oven at 225-250 until the meat temp reaches 180-185. It this a good plan?

All comments are welcome - anything that will help me pull off this BBQ birthday party tomorrow (well since it is past midnight, the party is later today!)

Thanks to all!
it's technically cheating...but yes you could finish it off in the oven......it's okay, we can forgive you....after all you got brisket going also.....
Finishing in the oven is OK. I do it when weather or time interferes with the natural order of smoking things. Lookin' good!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Thanks to all for answering. I really am glad that I can "cheat" just a bit to finish everything off. That darn smoker just won't get up to the temps I need to maintain.

I finished the ribs off about 2:30am last night (this morning) and a few minutes ago had to bring the brisket in to the oven to get it past its plateau. I am currently at 155 degress and rising slowly in a 225 degree oven.

I have the brisket foiled right now, but should I remove the foil to firm up the meat before its all done? If so what temp should I remove the foil at, before bringing up to 185 degrees?
Progress report:
I had the Brisket foiled until 175 degrees then unwrapped it, and let it continue in the 225 degree oven till it reached 190. Then I re-wrapped it in foil and towels, packed a cooler with towels, and am currently holding it there until serving time - which should be within the hour.

P.S. The ribs turned out awesome - I didn't know that I could do such a good job at home.

P.S.S. The wife loves me again!
The birds sing, the flowers bloom, and all is good and right with the world again. Congrats on the ribs and love.. I'm sure that brisket will be wonderfully tastey.

Keep Smokin
Good Job Naui!

I cheat sometimes when I've planned to smoke more meat than any two ECBs could smoke in a weekend! After the smoke is done it's all just heat anyway!

The BBQ birthday party was a hit. The Brisket went so fast that I did not even get seconds. I also made a double batch of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans (the day before) and the guests cleaned the pot on those.

Thanks to all for the fast answers in the wee hours of the night to keep me straight.


P.S. Received the Smokin Tex PRO 1400 Smoker for my birthday present today! Now to do some real smokin' (I do realize that it is "not really" real if I am not using a wood smoker - but its real enough for me, I do love the "set it and forget it" smokers)
Just trying to stave off all the people who might say that electric smokers aren't "real" smokers.

Debi - I downloaded your smoking referance manuals last week and read them all - Nice Job! Thanks
NAUIdvr1, Glad that things turned out so well for you. I think that you and I might be the only certified SCUBA divers on the board. (PADI Open Water Diver since the early '80's).

Please take a moment and visit the "Roll Call" section and introduce yourself to the other members. If you can, share a picture of your new smoker.

Thanks and enjoy the forums.
Also PADI diver since the 80s. I have over 50 dives logged from the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea from my time living in Saudi Arabia. Really beautiful unspoiled coral and wildlife in the Red Sea.
I'm PADI certified!! 1987, Okinawa, Japan. Beautiful water...diving with grouper bigger'n me. Last time I went down I had an inner ear infection I didn't know about, got down ok, but on the way up blew my ear drum out. Couldn't do the last two dives that day on the boat and wound up with a serious sun burn on my upper body and feet (had a dive skin on).

Good job on the ribs and briskett...I love my little electric smoker, set it an forget works great for my hectic life style! Well you still have to keep up with the basting, wood replacement, etc, but the temp regulation is easy!!
Me and a bunch of friends got certified back in the Navy, dove a few times and then decided it wasn't quite dangerous enough and took up sport parachuting
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