Rib Eye Feast For Visiting Family (Long & Lotsa Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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We had Tracy's sister, brother in law ( S seankcguy ) and two nephews come into town on Thursday from KC for a few days. They got in early enough that there was plenty of time for a nice dinner....and some time in the pool...and a bunch of margaritas!! I will say that this is probably the worst photo presentation I've ever posted here, but overall the meal was fantastic. Knowing they were coming and not having enough steaks in the freezer, I ordered a full 103 sub primal rib section a couple weeks ago and broke it down so we'd have steaks for this dinner.

One of the largest ones I've gotten at close to 28 pounds





The ribs removed: coming soon to an SMF thread near you, from somebody else :emoji_wink: That rib section is huge!!

Cut 7 nice steaks and a beautiful boneless prime rib. All steaks are 1 1/2" thick

Trim the steaks and clean them up a bit so they look more like traditional rib eyes

Can't wait to cook this baby!! 6 1/2 pounds of pure beef pleasure

With the size of the steaks I figured 5 would be plenty

Rubbed with a little Worcestershire sauce, salt, and pepper.

Corn brushed with my garlic and herb EVOO then sprinkled with salt, pepper, and garlic powder, then onto the grill

A really good salad: spinach, cucumbers, walnuts, cranberries, Feta cheese, and bacon bits

Steaks onto the Weber

Crazy busy so no progress pics but steaks done and into the house. This was a VERY difficult cook!!

The spread: simple, basic, and to the point

My plate...finally

Even with all the problems, I managed to nail the steaks....somehow.

This was without doubt the most difficult steak cook I've ever done. For starters the steaks were too big. Every time I'd try to move them, they kept wanting to fall apart. Second huge problem was that I waited too long to put the steaks on the grill. The charcoal got way too hot. Steaks were being burnt to a cinder on the outside but raw in the center. I just ran them on the Weber long enough to get some char on them then had to move them to the gasser to finish in hopes of salvaging them. As you can see, very inconsistent in appearance but all were done to perfect medium rare....WHEW!! I was terrified that I'd trashed what was supposed to be a real experience of a meal for family. At the end of the day, after all the woes, we all ate well and shared a very memorable dinner. One thing is for sure, nobody left the table hungry!! Only a couple folks were able to eat all of the steak as well as the rest of the fare. I was not one of those :emoji_disappointed: Although I had the largest steak, there was still about 3 ounces left when I had to throw in the towel. I believe Sean finished his as did one of the nephews....and those boys can tie on the feed bag!! Oh well...enough already. Was great to see the family and have some fantastic time together. The boys were already talking about "next year" and we all hope that comes to fruition.

Y'all take care, stay safe, keep the amazing posts coming, and we will see you soon.

Fantastic meal. And way to save the steaks with problems. I think you done good. I would not have complained a bit. Thanks for sharing.
Those steaks look amazing! Absolutely amazing man. You always knock it out of the park. Great sear and perfect internal temp. Flawless victory!
That's some good looking steaks Robert. Nicely done.

Point for sure
Robert, those are some absolutely gorgeous ribeyes and that whole meal looks fantastic. When a steak wants to fall apart like that, you know it is tender. Excellent time with family sharing a great meal...
Insane cook and butchering the cut dude. I am continually impressed of how well rounded you are in all facets of cutting, prepping and cooking.

I spent almost 4 hours breaking down my first sub primal...not sure I want to do that again. Unfortunately when I did that it was early on and I had no idea about what dino ribs where then.....

Big points to you on this! Why no pics of the margaritas or the pool?
I'll take the one with the most char . Bottom right of pic 15 .
Nice work bud .
Sometimes having to call the ball in the middle of a cook happens. Knowing what to do with it is the key. You nailed it Robert!
Even tho it might have been a rougher than wanted cook, it sure looks good to me!
I think those steaks came out incredible. I sure would love a plate of that, a nice salad and some corn on the cob. What more can you ask for?
Great food and time with the family.
Great way to spend some time !
Steak looks perfect Robert !

Looks great Robert
As I tell newbies we all regardless of our experience get into trouble and not everything goes as planned as according to horal murphy's law will catch us all.

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