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Requesting opinion on Recteq RT-700 Bull from owners


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Longtime lurker and forum newbie here, asking Recteq RT-700 owners for their real world experience. I've cooked for over 30 years, starting in a built-in brick stick burner big enough to hold two men inside; seems the older I've gotten, the lazier I've become, dropping to propane smokers, then barrel smokers, then pellet smoker which seems to be the best compromise between ease of use and acceptable results. Now I've got an 40 inch wide off-brand pellet smoker that I've modded with a PID controller and convection fan. Even with the effort, I still have a big difference in temps from one side to the other - minimum of 15 degrees, sometimes as much as 30-40+ degrees; add to that the mental computation of what temp to set the controller to get the pit temp I want, and I'm ready to step up (a little) for a better pellet smoker. I've been told that the RT-700 not only maintains the set temp really well, but is even on temps across the grate from left to right, front to back. Also have been told that the RT-700 seems to put out more smoke than the average pellet smoker. Can any of you Recteq owners share your experience to confirm/correct what I've been told? BTW, I'm afraid a Yoder, Mak, Pitts & Spitts, etc. are out of my price range, so I'm really only interested in experiences on the Recteq. Thanks!


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I'm a Gravity Fed Charcoal smoker, so I'm unable to help you out but I wanted to welcome you to the forum from South Carolina

JC in GB

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I don't own a RecTeq but I did get a good close look at one during a BBQ competition I was in.

The body was nice heavy gauge steel and the pellet fill and controls were very nice. If I ever was intending on purchasing a pellet grill, I would likely get the RT-700. I watched the Rec Teq next to a GMG unit and the Rec Teq seemed like an easier unit to use.

The guy with the RecTeq won the ribs category.

My $0.02

JC :emoji_cat:


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Welcome to SMF from Gilbert, AZ! I don't own a pellet pooper but if I did I'd have a RecTec, the folks here who have them say they're the best, and pound out a ton of quality cooks with them. RAY


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Welcome. I don't have the 700 but I have the 590 and you have me thinking now. Mine was pretty much dead on when it was new. Lately it running about 25 degrees off. I been putting my pellet tube with chips on the side with the probe. That what might be causing it!


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I owned the RT-700 for 2 years and just sold it about a month ago. My first smoker was an electric Masterbuilt and using pellets in a maze. The RT-700 clearly blows that away. The temperature consistency is pretty incredible and there is very little variability in the temps across the entire surface. Everything is very thick stainless steel. The fire deflector, drip tray, super heavy stainless grates, and the chamber itself. The top is very heavy as well. Casters are nice and solid. The thing is built like a tank. I bought one site unseen (due to them not being sold in stores) and compared it to a Traeger at a Home Depot and that is basically a laughable toy compared to the build quality of the Bull.

That being said, I sold mine. Honestly, the smoke flavor just wasn't worth it. It wasn't strong enough for my tastes. You could taste it, but it was subtle. And also, don't expect to do anything but smoke on it. The "grill" isn't a real thing. It is a smoker. Driving it up to max temp got me to about 450 degrees maybe. Putting meat on at that temp didn't even cause it to sizzle....

I just bought the Masterbuilt Gravity 1050. The smoke flavor isn't even comparable. I could taste smoke on the Masterbuilt with just a quick 25 min "smoke" and then cranked it to 550 in about 3 min and seared off some steaks. I would have had to have my steaks on for an hour or more to get anything from the RT. Not only that, but I would have had to use "extreme smoke" which to me, tasted a bit dirty.

After trying the gravity fed charcoal, I couldn't suggest a pellet grill to anyone. That said, you might want to wait a while for new gravity fed ones to come out. Unless you like paying $10 just to smoke some meat as the gravity fed ones eat charcoal like mad.

Feel free to ask any specific questions on the Bull though. If you are sold on pellet grills, you won't find a better one at that price in my opinion.


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I have the RT700 and love it. temps are VERY stable and it works like a dream every time. I switched from a WSM. yes the smoke profile is not as strong, but I like it. Some people add an amzin tube to up the smoke, I havent bothered. ive had mine for 2.5 years and just love to use it. They have the best customer service ever. cant stress that enough. I emailed them a question about my probes, they sent me the answer and shipped me two new ones for free. all within a couple hours. its like that every time

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