Red Rib's

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Oct 20, 2010
Ever since I made Char Siu with a pork loin I wanted to try the marinade on spare ribs. So Super Bowl seemed like a good time for a try. I marinated ribs overnight. Then into the Smoke Vault at 220° using cherry and maple wood for 4hrs then put on a honey glaze that is equal parts marinade and honey. Then one more hr the last hr I increased temp to 250°. Then pulled and rested for 30 min. Here's some pix's.




I also made some ABT'S in my MES with cream cheese, sharp cheddar and crumbled bacon bits and of course a center cut bacon slice wrapped over.


Overall I was pleased with the results. The rib's were pretty close to the rib's I eat at Chinese restaurants. Next time I may add more marinade to sit in overnight and glaze twice.
I remember your pork loin with the red color & have wanted to try it ever since. The ribs look fantastic. I was in a Chinese buffet last week and they had ribs with the red marinade, they were good but I kept thinking they would have been so much better if they had been smoked with the same marinade. Yours look fantastic & I will put them on my to do list. Thanks for sharing.
Fester, Great looking ribs, I remember your pork loin and thinking how good it looked and the ribs look even better!  Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing them with us!

Your SMF Friend,

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