Recteq App Temp Chart

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Nov 23, 2021
Tampa, Florida
I'm just getting used to my recteq 590. First time using the temp probe. The app shows the probe temperature but is not charting it. This in on an android device

I can't help ya, but hopefully someone that has one can help ya out!

The RT app is very sketchy. Works part time and other times it is flawless. The only weak link in these pellet grills that I have experienced. Enjoy. . .
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Recteq has a forum for their grills. Google that and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. I've had mine close to 8 months and for the first time got the app to work. I always us my inkbird wifi for the protein I'm cooking anyways so I was never really worried too much about it
Yup, I would give the CS a call to see if they have firmware update. They are aware of the issue and have been making some changes, as I know the 1250 now has a different chip in it to improve the app functionality. Mine (on my 1250) has been flawless from day one.
Recteq responded to me as well that it is an issue. This is like M$ in the old days releasing beta software. A little testing would help. The grill works great.
The forum I think you are referring too is not actually Rec teq's forum. It was started by RT owners. I'm sure they peak at occasionally but is not sponsored by them.
I also find many on that forum focus on the negative of the app vs how it actually cooks.... I didn't buy it for the app or the wifi connectivity so that is just icing on the cake for me....
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