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Jun 10, 2022
Recently purchased the 3 probe model, on Palm Sunday I used them for a venison and lamb on the offset but didn't have opportunity to mess with them due to having a offset and the Kudu to maintain fires along with entertaining, yesterday I made 2 chickens on the gasser and was able to focus a bit on the thermometers, they did everything I expected, was very nice to maintain from a distance, the internal temps seemed very consistent, the ambient readings also seemed very consistent, the "smart" technology seems to work quite well, the two chickens were weighed between the two options the app offers so the time to finish took some time till it adjusted to the proper/accurate finish time. I really don't have much use for the smart technology, I basically want to use it as remote thermometer but will mess with the app and technology for poops and giggles. I'm really looking forward to the ambient temp monitoring in the offset as I think its a good way to maintain and learn the fire/fuel/flow/backpressure. Easy to clean and keep charged.

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Interesting, here is a wireless probe that also works with wifi along with bluetooth. WiFi makes a lot more useable. The way their docs are written it's hard to tell if their wifi implementation would support connection from anywhere or just a phone connected to the same local wifi as its hub. Downside, not currently available nor any additional probes. I do see they are available on Amazon though. The notify me link when its available on their website comes up mostly blank with two buttons and no text to represent what they do, which a bit disturbing. Note: be careful to not arbitrarily say ok to cookies. Click on their policy link you'll see they sell your information. They provided switches to turn that off but who knows if they actually honor them.
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