Recipe for sausages...Store bought or Homemade?

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Dec 30, 2016
I've been holding off on making hot dogs until I find a good vouched for recipe. My backup will be that LEM premix.
Yeah look around. I've tried a number of so called "award winning" recipes I found online and they weren't terrible they just couldn't touch what I had made with the LEM's. If you find and/or tweak a recipe that blows your mind, please let me know!

Now I must give you a heads up. The LEM's Cured Frank makes an amazing flavored sausage/dog like what a Frankfurter actually is, not how franks evolved into today's Bar-S hotdogs hahaha.

It's kind of like how over time we went from amazing hand made pasta and sauces to spaghetti-o's hahahaha.

So get ready to have the mind of your taste buds blown! You will start asking "How the hell did we go from this to hot dogs off the shelf!?"

tallbm, thanks for such an informative post. When it comes to making sausage, I believe people like you with your experience will forget more things then I could ever remember. I was getting ready to make some venison snack sticks/venison summer sausage and was amazed at all the people putting out how to videos that were just dumping in the store bought seasonings. I'm not stating there is anything wrong with this, I was just surprised how long it took to find a video that was using a home made recipe. Thanks again for sharing your wisdom .
Thanks for the kind words! I'm not nearly as seasoned as some of the guys here but I definitely have down what I make and can consistently nail the process. So I do my part, I just need seasonings recipes to do their part and it's usually a homerun :)

Yeah it's hard to find good content sometimes, especially on youtube where anyone can post what they do and you have to just grind through all those videos hoping you find what you are looking for.
I prefer my research content to be in text form so I can quickly search for it, skim it, and use stuff like ctrl+f keyboard shortcut to do "find" searches over the content and then move on faster than watching a guy take 10 min to intro into something that is not what I am looking for hahaha. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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