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Rec Tec Auger Jammed, need help

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by Mtorell, Jul 22, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone. So came into a bit of problem here. Got my rec tec stampede about a month ago. Used it for 1 cook. Worked like a dream. Left some pellets in the hopper, but the grill was covered and in my garage. It must've gotten too humid in there because I had the pellets break down and jam the auger. I've gotten a lot out but the jam is pretty deep in there. I've tried removing the auger itself but rec tec put the bolts on too tight and i can't even loosen them, (tried WD40 as well). So now i'm trying to chip away at the jam through the hopper and through the fire pot. Has anyone else found an easier way to unclog their auger? Or is there a better tool? I've used a lot of different stuff, from kabob pokers to drill bits. Any help is appreciated. I JUST WANT TO GET BACK TO GRILLING
  2. I was using the rec tec pellets. and thats the issue, i've tried taking it apart but i can't get the bolts to move at all. It mustve just got incredibly humid in my garage and they jammed it up
  3. RCAlan

    RCAlan Meat Mopper

    Here’s two good reads that I think will help You get your grills auger unjammed. Also, one month in ownership, I would give RecTec a call as well.



    Good luck...

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  4. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    As you mentioned above, climate and humidity may have had something to do with the pellets taking on moisture.

    Give Rec Tec a call if you have not already.
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  5. sandyut

    sandyut Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    have you reached out to Rec Tec for advice? they normally are very responsive.
  6. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    Those bolts may have loctite on them.

    I’d want to find that out before going further.

    5GRILLZNTN Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Rec Tec has awesome customer service. I'd give them a call before you start breaking out the tools.
  8. metsfan2152

    metsfan2152 Smoke Blower

    Did you ever fix this issue or get in touch with ref ref support?
  9. JWFokker

    JWFokker Smoke Blower

    The colder it is the less moisture that the air can hold. Winter air is very dry.
  10. We've been working with Rec Tec support. they said they haven't heard of a problem this bad. so working on a solution now.
  11. this fella had to use a hammer on his...
  12. sandyut

    sandyut Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    @Mtorell - just curious what part of the country are you in and how did you garage get so humid? I leave mine outside covered and loaded with pellets - been that way almost a year. Sat through massive snow storms, rain all the weather and never had an issue. I store my pellets in my garage year round as well and in the winter its very humid due to snow piled on the car melting into a big mess. but the pellets were never affected with that either... Rec Tec is in August GA where its very humid too. Any other ideas as to a possible cause?

    Not trying to bash you here, just trying to understand and avoid the issue.
  13. Hey Sandyut, i'm in Minnesota, and while we get pretty humid here i didn't think it would've been an issue if it was covered and in the garage. We've been in contact with the head tech over at rec tec and he's incredibly surprised too. So don't really know what happened especially since I used brand new pellets. We're talking with rec tec again today. they just want me to get back grilling and i couldn't agree more. i will update this thread as soon as i know more.
  14. Hey everyone thanks for all your help on this. To finally close the loop, we spoke with Rec Tec again yesterday and they just want me to get back grilling, no more fiddling around with it, so they are sending me a new grill entirely. I had always heard about how great Rec Tec customer service is and they have lived up to everything i read. Looking to be back on the smoke soon!
  15. Wow!
  16. That's amazing!!
  17. xray

    xray Master of the Pit

    Wow! They sent you a brand new grill, holy s**t that’s amazing.

    I’ve been kicking the tires on buying a pellet grill, so here’s a stupid question while it’s fresh in my head.

    Is it easy to remove unused pellets from the grill? I keep my smokers in the basement when not in use, so I would like the ability to store the grill empty and seal up the pellets.
  18. yea i am completely blown away by the quality of customer service. and yea super easy to use a shop vac and suck them out.
  19. I would still be concerned with how the pellets got wet? Any chance the day of the cook, it rained and got the pellets wet?
  20. That's what I am wondering. It seems there's a lesson for all of us to learn here. I hope he can figure out what actually happened.