Reason Why I Have Backup PID Controllers

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Mar 7, 2018
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I have always been a fan of Auber Instruments PID controllers. I have one for my smoker, one for my sous vid machine and two for my curing chamber. One controls humidity and the other temp. Yesterday sitting in the living room I got a warning from my Govee temp and humidity monitor saying the high temp alarm just went off. Went to check things out and sure enough the chamber was not cooling. Looked at the PID and it said it was working and trying to turn on the chamber to cool but nothing was happening. Plugged in my tester to the outlet of the PID and it had zero power. Checked the fuse and all was good there. So knowing I needed to get the chamber back up and running I used a Plug and Play one I had from Auber and sure enough the chamber started right up.
This morning I took the faulty PID apart and found a hot spot. Something got hot enough to melt the plastic and cut power to the outlet.
The cost of shipping from Auber is just crazy so instead of replacing the PID I just ordered a Inkbird from Amazon so I had anthother back up to replace the one I am now using. Amazon has free shipping.
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Yep. I have spare controllers as well as a list of spare parts and equipment for my chambers....just in case. I found some spare 180W TEM peltier chips for less than $5 each, but it came in a bundle of 10. I have enough of those to last me a long time! I also keep a spare humidifier and dehumidifier on hand. I now have the humidifier in use with the culatelli hanging in my fermentation can at room temperature, along with my spare RH% controller.

I just completed recalibration on all my RH% controllers too....good practice every 6 months. They had all floated off true reading by anywhere from -3 to +8% off. Everything is dialed in now.
I use the Boveda 75% calibration packs...they are fairly cheap.
Fixed my PID today. Seems it was a bad solder joint on the power output terminal. Re-soldered it and its back in action.
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I'm glad I was able to fix it as it is a better controller. After changing it back over from the Inkbird the cycles tightened up and I have better control of temp and my humidity is not going nuts from the large swings. No matter how I changed the Inkbird to cycle better it never did.
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Wow what a big difference in performance, this is a screen shot of a day. Way tighter swings.
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