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Real close to pulling the trigger on a Rec Tec Stampede

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by ponzLL, May 15, 2019.

  1. ponzLL

    ponzLL Fire Starter

    I spoke to them on the phone and they assured me that it can be used in pouring rain without damaging electronic equipment. That was my biggest worry. Anyone have experience with that?

    I was thinking I'd get the cover for when I'm not using it, the rain diverting things for the top, and then either now or toward the end of summer, the insulating cover, which they also said was waterproof.

    I'm really excited to have a nice pellet smoker though! Been using a big Masterbuilt Propane unit, which I love, but I want more accurate temperature control and the ability to set it and forget it for a while.

    I spent a while going back and forth between this and the larger GMG with wifi. I really like the look of that one, but I think this one is built a bit better so that was my main reason. Another plus is that they ship, which I can't get with GMG, though I understand shipping is just baked into the price of the smoker :)

    Any of you use your pellet smokers in heavy rain? I was thinking I might later add a real cheap grill gazebo and just screw it right down to the deck where this thing is gonna live.
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  2. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    Rather than tell you, why don't I just show you?



    This is a driving rain. I won't hesitate to use it in the rain. And have done so since this pic was taken. No problem whatsoever.

    I don't stop cooking in the rain with that Kamado Joe in the pic, nor my WSM. I don't slow down for rain with my Stampede either.

    I cover it when not in use. But I also cover the Kamado Joe and the WSM when not in use too.

    You can't go wrong with the Rec Tec Stampede.
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    5GRILLZNTN Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    I've inadvertently left my RecTec Mini in the rain, but it was not running. Didn't seem to hurt anything, but water found its way to the burn chamber and got mixed in with some pellets that created a huge mess. Wood pellets don't like water! If I were you, I would add the cover to your order. No way I would leave that kind of investment in the rain without a cover. As far as grilling in the rain, I would try to have some type of cover over your grill to keep it, and you, as dry as possible while tending to your cook. Having said that, my Rec Tec has been a tank, and their customer service is top notch.
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  4. ponzLL

    ponzLL Fire Starter

    Thanks! I definitely plan to get the cover at the same time as my smoker, I was just debating when to get the insulating blanket/cover thing.

    And thanks for linking me to that post in the Rec Tec thread, I missed that one somehow in my searching!
  5. BB-que

    BB-que Smoke Blower

    Run mine in the rain all the time. And I mean all the time
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  6. sandyut

    sandyut Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Where do you live? I bought and used the cold weather cover in Utah all winter in very cold temps and snow. Worked great! Get the rain cover too! I got the competition bundle and it’s a food set of accessories and pelllets

    Oh yeah and I love my RT-700!!!
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  7. ponzLL

    ponzLL Fire Starter

    I'm in Michigan so it gets pretty cold in the winter. Definitely planning to have the cold weather cover before then because I like to go year round when I can!
  8. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    Just got these in for my Rec Tec Stampede.







    These fit perfectly inside of the grill and will offer even more grill space, with the benefit of the Stampede's smaller footprint on my deck.

    They offer 4 inches of clearance between them and the bottom racks.
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  9. ponzLL

    ponzLL Fire Starter

    Those look really well built! Thanks for the pictures
  10. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    You're welcome.

    Ive "tested" it for size. Now the Stampede will hold 7-8 slabs of St Louis cuts, depending upon which way you orient them.

    Or a brisket on top with a pork butt and ribs beneath, or some other combination of one's choice.

    These definitely give the Stamped more versatility and grill space and over the same area of space taken up on a patio or deck.

    I bought 3 of them, but even one is an advantage.
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  11. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    Wanted to give these a try last night. So I put on a brisket.


    Ran it at Xtreme Smoke for two hours, and with a smoke tube for good measure, as I've never used the Xtreme Smoke setting, which runs the smoker at around 180*-190*.

    Then I cranked it up to 225* for the remaining 11hrs, taking it off this morning after sleeping all night, not wrapping it, and only transferring it into the cooking pan that you see above. I was too lazy to wrap it in butcher paper or foil.

    Added a can of Campbells beef broth inside the pan, and placed a piece of aluminum foil over top of that as a tent, and letting it ride like that for just the last hour of the total of 13hrs before taking it off.

    She turned out delectable. Excellent smoke flavor, tender, juicy, nice bark, and if you're into smoke rings, well then an excellent smoke ring too.




    But on the downside, these grates are a PITA to clean. I started out with my blowtorch in an attempt to burn some of the residue off of them. Then thought of lighting my WSM and placing them directly over the hot lump charcoal to burn them off, or just putting them into my oven and setting the oven for self cleaning. But then finally just fired up the Stampede to 460* and let them ride before brushing them off.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that they will stack over the stock grates and so I can do all of my other cooks without having to find a place to put these. They can simply stay in the grill and over the stock grates, and I'll do my wings and such on these, then let the legs out and elevate them when I need the additional grill space.

    IMG_1429 2.JPG
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  12. ponzLL

    ponzLL Fire Starter

    Awesome, I really appreciate all the info! That brisket looks great, and I didn't know this thing had an extreme smoke setting, but that's really nice! My wife and I have talked it over, and she wants me to order now I think, but I'm gonna wait until after memorial day, however I've definitely decided it'll be this one!
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  13. SlowmotionQue

    SlowmotionQue Smoking Fanatic

    You're welcome. Good luck with your purchase, and thanks for the props on the brisket.
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