Raw peanuts, WTF to do with them...lol

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Dec 30, 2016
OK, so laugh at us northerners. A friend ordered another friend 7.5 lbs of unshelled peanuts for a holiday gift. They tasted it and thought they were horrible. So he called and said these nuts were bad and they sent another 7.5lb bag....they said they were horrible as well.

I show up and they have me try one from each bag....bland. I tell them they taste (at least what I think, never having them) that they are raw peanuts. Blank stares at my way "WTF" is that?

They are ready to dump 15lbs of these on the lawn for the wildlife... I know there is something more we can do?

Boiled, roasted...let me know? point me to threads, recipes anything....TY
I didn't see mention of this but I would make some peanut Thai stir fry dishes that call for peanuts and peanut butter (soooo good!) and Chinese Kung Pao dishes with peanuts.

Also I know you do a keto or keto'ish diet so those peanuts will go fantastic in any of the keto friendly dishes you bake. So something like those bars I think you posted about a while back but with peanuts added.

I really like the idea of roasted smoked seasoned peanuts for a snack as well.

If you own a wet grinder you can make a ton of peanut butter with them. Should be able to work up about 6 pounds pouring in by bits throughout the day. You can then also add some Erythrithol or Allulose and salt and it will all get ground in. If you like nut butters this would be ideal for 15 pounds of unsalted unroasted peanuts. You can be set for peanut butter for a while and use that in all kinds of cooking dishes.

If you are not doing keto things then you can do all kinds of desert options with peanuts. Simply melting chocolate chips and tossing in a ton of peanuts and making chocolate peanut clusters is awesome.

Figured I would throw out some different options. I am not a boiled peanut person and I too basically live on a keto carb diet so these are ideas I know would work. I would also look into getting wet in something that would allow you to lightly coat with erythritol or allulose and have a sweetened peanut snack, but I don't even know if/how that would work :)
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Dec 10, 2018
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I don't know if these are available everywhere, but if you don't want to go through the process of making boiled peanuts, these canned ones are a pretty good alternative. I always keep a few cans for camping trips.
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That's the brand i find at Walmart both north and south.
Also the same brand I've seen at many C-Stores that sell them out of the crock
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