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Discussion in 'Fish' started by jeffro99, Jun 1, 2016.

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    Hey guys having my first go at smoking some rainbow trout fillets does anybody have a go to brine wet or dry that they are willing to share?

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    Below are two of my Step by Steps.

    They are both using the same Brine, but the difference is the length of time I brined the fish, due to the thickness of the pieces.

    Hope that helps.

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    Smoked Brook Trout & Tilapia

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  5. I have an excellent brine recipe.

    First we should start by the size of the rainbow trout fillets and if they are skin on or skin off. I actually don't like this question so much as there are a lot of variable that go into making a brine. Is it fresh fillets, skin on? 4/6 8/10, etc. There's many ways to make a brine and you always need to know the FULL picture.

    Is this going to be hot smoked or cold smoked? That too will affect the brine.

    I actually wrote a chart about the brining for cold smoked salmon, and how it should work (according to science and a lot of paid research) but depending on the information you'll provide us with we can tweak the recipe.

  6. jeffro99

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    They were caught last weekend and now in the freezer, skin on, and fish were all around the 4-5 lbs mark. will be hot smoked using MES 30
  7. Hey Jeffro99. Here's what I would do if I were you.

    Make sure they are fully thawed, put it in a 30* Salometer liquid brine with about 5 gallons of brown sugar, mix it well and let it sit for approximately 12-16 hours.

    I would then remove it from the brine, give it a fresh water rinse for about 5 minutes, hand it back and hot smoke it the traditional way. Dry it at 85* F then slowly raise the temp until 160* F, start the smoke when the internal temperature reaches 110* F and the fish feels "DRY" with a nice pellicle. And smoke until it reaches 136* F. You won't be disappointed!

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