Question on Ribs

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young j

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Feb 20, 2017
Miami Dade County
So lately I've seen a lot of people put brown sugar, butter and honey on their ribs when they foil them. I wanted to know what this does to make the end product better? I'd assume it adds another layer of flavor and maybe help with color too, but I wanted to hear others opinion.
This is my 1st post on here btw. I live down south in Miami Dade where it is rare to find good BBQ so I decided to teach myself.
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 I can't help you there, I have never foiled ribs yet, I plan on trying  that this spring, I can only imagine it is only going to add another flavor or maybe even mask some of the flavors. 
I used this method a couple of times when I was foiling ribs. I haven't used foil in several years. I think it made the ribs mushy. I now just smoke my ribs naked and they get a great color. When the bend gets almost to 90*, I sauce/glaze the ribs twice for 15 minutes each time. I get a good finish and color, a very good taste, tender with a slight tug.

Give that try. I hope you like it, Joe. :grilling_smilie:
I still use foil and yes I sprinkle bwon suger in the foil. For me, it just makes them sweeter...sticker....messier....just plain delicious! Lol! Before rest...i then grill them to give them just a little crisp.
I haven't foiled my ribs yet either. I dry rub and mop them every hour and they come out great. Joe, when you foil the ribs do you put them back on the smoker after? If you do and they still come out mushy I think I'll stick to my method
Adding other ingredients to your ribs when foiling definitely adds another layer of flavor.

If your ribs come out mushy after foiling, then you left them in the foil too long.

Everyone has their own method for smoking ribs, and it seems like everyone likes their ribs cooked differently.

Here is my method, it may give you some ideas.

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