Question for those who have smoked a large Wagyu packer brisket before

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little smokey

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Aug 4, 2011
I have a large Wagyu packer I am going to smoke if I can fit it on my smoker, at some point remove the point to make burnt ends.  Typically I would smoke a packer to 160, separate the point and continue smoking the flat until an internal temp of 200-205.  I have heard Wagyu get done quicker and have a different done temp, is this true  and /or how do you cook it?  (internal temp to finish)

Thanks for any help folks.
I see a lot of folks looking at this thread, but no answers.  Personally I've never smoked a Wagyu anything, so I can appreciate not wanting to ruin an expensive piece of meat.  I have smoked Select, Choice, and Prime grades though and always use the same method.  I use internal temp as a guide, and the probe test as an "it's done" indicator.  That should work fine with Wagyu too.  It's what I would do if anyone gifted me a Waygu brisket tomorrow (hint hint).      
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