Quarters, Spares, & ABTs

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Sep 3, 2007
Elkhart, IN
I have a slab of spares, 3 chicken quarters, and about a dozen ABTs to smoke today. I'm trying to figure out what method and temp would be good to smoke all of these at the same time. I see that many people like to smoke their chicken at a little higher temp, but spares need to be at around 225. Any suggestions/coaching? Thanks!
I usually smoke my poultry at 250* and ribs at 225*; however, those ribs will turn out just fine at the 250* temps.  If you know your smoker well, you've figured out that not all areas of a smoker are created equal -- keep the chicken on the hot area and the ribs on the cool area.  No matter what, 250* will get everything done just fine -- it'll just be ready a smidgen faster.

For the spares you'll want to use the 3-2-1 method; the chicken quarters should be done around the time you foil the ribs (3-4 hours).  If you want everything done at nearly the same time, then put the chicken in about 2 hours into your rib smoke (which means you can start the ribs at 225* for a couple of hours).

The ABT's take 60-90 min. -- closer to 60 if you're at 250* cook temp; you'll want those for appetizers, so plan the timing accordingly. 

(WHAT am I saying?!!! -- you'll want the ABT's all to yourself while you smoke everything else, so don't tell anyone you're making them!!!)

Cheers!  And don't forget the Q-view!!!
I can't see the pictures... bring me my new glasses....

I would smoke them at all at 225. Have a few beers. The ABT's will be done first, great appetizer for your guests. Have a few beers  When the chicken comes to temp. put it on a hot grill to crisp up the skin. Serve them when they are done. Have a few beers. The ribs will take longer. Have a few beers while the ribs finish. 3 course meal. We do it all the time. When our friends come over they expect to spend the afternoon eating in stages, drinking beer & smelling smoke! Life is good! Good luck & let us know how it turns out.
I do normally smoke my poultry at around 250 or higher but if you are doing ribs at the same time I would either smoke them at all 250 or even go down to 225 and everything will still be awesome. Your poultry just won't have crispy skin but that never bothers me. If that bothers you just kick up the temps when you foil your ribs at the end or throw them on a grill quick to crisp them up. It will be great no matter which way you go.
If you want everything to be done at the same time I would put the ribs on and when you have around 2 hours left then throw the chicken on and they will both be done around the same time. Or if you plan on foiling the ribs in a cooler for around an hour I would put the chicken on with an hour or so left in the rib cook and when you go to foil the ribs then kick up the smoke temps and you can crisp up your chicken skin that way. That would be what I would do. The ABT's are up to you. It all depends if you are serving them for apps or for your meal.
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