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Mar 25, 2007
N.W.Ohio-Toledo area
I love the taste of good sauce and it looks as if SloFlaQuer has a great on and I'll get to trying it very soon.
I have another I have been using for 25yrs. or so and have had few comments(neg.) about it; being the purist I am, I want the meat to be the flavor and the sauce the condiment. That said my sauce only has 6 ingredients and taste as good as the off the shelf straight sauces(nothing fancy- just a moisturizer).

Stan's Pretty Good BBQ Sauce

64oz.-cheap ketchup
2cups - firmly packed brown sugar
1/4 cup - freshly squeezed lemonade
1 cup - melted butter
1/4 cup - liquid smoke
2 tbls. - Worchestershire sauce

Combine and mix well using a stick blender; bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer for about 30 min. stirring occasionally.

Bump it byusing some Balsamic vinegar.

If you have a way to catch your diippings from a long smoke.
If you have a dislike for the bottle... this will get the job done. Never mind the fat(or seperate it if you must) this gives much more flavor , however use it as soon as you can - the fat don't like sitting in the fridge. Besides BBQ shouldn't be a diet food!!!
Did I say lemonade? It is lemon! And the catsup, the cheaper the better. I think I kinda phrased my statement a little fuzzy, I have had few negitive remarks.
That happens more often than I like to admit,HeHeHe!
Hmmmm sharing the "pretty good" recipes with the negative remarks.. sounds like you're holdin out on us king... we might have to put gunslinger on ya, I hear he has a new rope.

Really though thanks for sharing. I put it in my sauce files. Keep those recipes comin

Keep Smokin
It's not nice to pick on people with problems. Mine is Lesdexia. Things get a little fuzzy in the head you know. O.K. This time it's " I've not had any bad comments on the sauce . Opperative word being NOT. Maybe .
Hi King -

I know about Dyslexia I have the same problem although not to bad unless I'm tired. I helps me not to look directly at the words but above or to the side of them. Bigger print also helps.

Simpe recipes are usually good. Take the original Buffalo Wings sauce for example - it uses only 2 ingredients.

I may give your sauce a try kingoh4.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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