pulling membrane from ribs

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by head cook, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. head cook

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    My first time On here, so here it goes.
    One of the best ways (and only way for me ) to get the membrane off of a rack of ribs is to use fish skinning pliers. At least thats what we call em in South Arkansas.
    These will pull ALL the membrane from the ribs in ONE PULL, if you get a good grip.
    Ever tried pulling chicken skin to fry skinless chicken? You will NEVER want to do it again without a set of skinning pliers.
    Works GRAET for both.
    Hope I did this right.
    Good luck,
    Head cook
  2. capt dan

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    You did it right and welcome to the site. Good info. Thanks[​IMG]
  3. tasunkawitko

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    thanks for the tip and welcome to the site!

    i've been having trouble getting the membrane off spare ribs and will get a pair of fish skinning pliers, if i can find them.

    i used to have a pair, but when i moved back to montana i didn't need them because we don't have catfish in this area of the state. gave them to a friend who was moving south.
  4. head cook

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    Dont know if I sent "pulling membrane" right or not.
    Anyone get it ?
  5. okie joe

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    welcome to SMF! we'd love to know a little more about u. what do you smoke? what do you use. thanks for the tip.

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