pulled ham lol?

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Friend of mine has been doing this for years. Pretty darn good stuff. He gave me a pan of scalloped potatoes with smoked shredded ham once. It was delicious.
I haven't done this, but some of her recipes are quite yummy - last one I did was Smoked Garlic Butter Prime Rib. I may have to try this one as well :)
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Yep... Good stuff for sure! If you try it out make sure you get a picnic ham like she says. An actual ham from the hind leg just doesnt pull the same beeing so lean.. Ive been doing "pulled ham" for years by curing a pork butt and using that. Its a huge hit at family get togethers. Pulled ham sandwiches with a Swiss cheese sauce is something different from the standard spiral ham.
Nice, I been wanting to do ham and regular shoulder but there's just two of us and that's a huge amount of meat. I been lookin at getting a new slicer and using leftovers for lunch meat but /shrug moneys tight. I work at a construction site in the middle of nowhere guarding equipment so no power to heat up meals. I been reluctant to use bottled gas as leaving it in my vehicle in heat kinda made me uncomfortable.
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