Proofer Box Conversion

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jan 2, 2008
Magnolia, TX
Well here she is.  Almost done.  Thanks to all the great folks around here that have given input.  The box has a 2000watt 120v heating element in it that has a water pan sitting on top of it to keep the box moist.  It also has a fan that blows across it and up the back to keep the air moving and keep the box nice and even temp.  I cut a 4" x 12" vent in the right side near the top, thanks motoman3b for that idea.  The smoke generator box on is side is just a small job box I had laying around.  Thanks mulepackin for the idea on that one.  I have a hot plate, Menards and harbor Freight carry them cheap, and a stainless steel dog dish in there.  A full dog dish of wood chips gives me 2 hours of smoke.  I also installed a draft fan between the two boxes on a speed control, just to put make sure the smoke gets into the main box.  Did a dry test run/ seasoning the other day.  Smoke generator worked great can go from a nice little smoke up to a heavy smoke very easy and controlable too.  Only problem is that the heating element in the proofer isn't strong enough.  The box empty, and inside my heated shop, would only get up to 165 and it took way to long to get there.  Going to the local junk yard this week to look for an electric stove.  Going to use the oven element and control circuits out of it, hopefully. to give me a stronger heat source.  Once I get all the basics working I will build a digital control system and digital temp readouts also for it.

Great looking smoker project,
I have been wanting to build a new smoker for a while. I had been looking for a old proofing box or something similar at the auctions. I did find a bakers rack recently and have been thinking about rapping it with stainless steel, but it's kind of costly. So I have been looking around a little more before taking that leap. When I bought the bakers rack their was a enclosed one that I was biding against a lady on, she wanted it a little more that I did so I gave in to her. Knowing now what it cost to cover it with metal,  I think I would have given her a run for her money now....LOL

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