Progressive Dinner Here We Go!!

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Dec 11, 2011
Northern VA (Metro DC)
OK gang,

I've been asked by the son to create a pulled pork/ ribs dinner for his HS band's progressive dinner next weekend,

I've reached out to some of your for the sides - thanks JJ - and wanted to start the thread as I'll be capturing some  Q-Views of the multi day activities.

So to give the particulars;

18 persons (various religious belief)  Why does this mater - see below

For the dinner-

6 slabs of regular Pork ribs (cut in half to double the size  and to minimize the messiness)

11lb pork butt.  Whole chicken - spatchcock with a brine for 48hrs for our Jewish attendees.

I'm creating PP sliders with a knock off sauce of Fatt Matts's (from Atlanta) as well as Florida Q's finishing sauce to add during the pulling...Yum

Sides include Baked beans (smoked) and a great potato salad recipe from Chef JJ (Thanks!!).

Start the prep on Tue with the logistics being done this weekend (Wood and meat purchase).

Dinner is Saturday eve so allot of work and prep before the shindig...

Rock N' Roll here we go!!

More as the plan progresses...

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OK - Got the ribs, chicken and butt (no Q vuew as you've seen these too many times before in the wrapper..).

Here's the day's work for the rubs, sauce and brine: Ribs, butt and chicken.  Dang it took almost the entire day to fix and store...

More as the brine starts on Wednesday...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. 

Started the butt rub and a 48 hr spatchcocked chicken brine late last night.  Ribs get rubbed tonight.

So here's the plan for the Saturday eve dinner;

-Start the pork butt (for PP) smoke early Friday AM - 10.76lb'er

-Start the ribs Saturday morning maybe with the finish of the shoulder - 4 slabs cut down the middle (less messy for the dressed up kids).  Going to try the Johnny Trigg wrap style again.

-Chicken goes on somewhere Saturday morning

Wife will worry about the sides leaving me to smoke the goods 

Game On!!
WOW - Here in Metro DC the weather is CRAZY.  I started the smoke this early morning in freezing rain (had to pull out the pop-up cover) nasty weather all today.  Tonight is a mild 40f and will only get warmer in the morning.

Here's the QVIEW- 

14 hours in at 183f.  Looks good and starting to stall!!!

The freezing rain protector!!  Bad pic sorry..

The layout under cover with some hickory ready to get hot!

More as we now start looking to rest in the cooler and start on the multi stack o' ribs and chicken. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.