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Prime ribeye - suggestions include cook


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ggestions to cook this 18 pound ribeye for Xmas dinner? I am leaning towards either sous vide with sear (cast iron pan or Weber kettle charcoal) or using a rotisserie on my Weber gas grill.

other ideas?

Backyard Bubba

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We are doing 200 lbs of bone-in this XMAS for a fundraiser. Purchase it straight from the slaughterhouse here in Texas. We salt it 48 hours prior to cook then wash. Then season/rub 24 hours prior to cook and let it set in frig. Rub is pretty basic - fresh ground pepper (we mix in a little ground red peppercorns as well), a little woo-woo powder, touch of garlic and onion powder and then powder up a little summer savory and a dash of turbinado (powdered) to give it a bit a floral scent and sweet to go along with the pepper. Slow smoke it (straight from frig) @ 225 over hickory to an internal of 115. Then, brush thoroughly with beef tallow and reverse sear (above the grate with 500F ambient) it to an internal of 120 then let her rest. Super juicy and flavorful. Pics attached of my test piece (2-bones) this past weekend ..... I am sure others have excellent suggestions.



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Charcoal with some hickory for me, takes a special therm to work on a rotti, I don't know enuff about SV yet to comment. will turn out great any way you go I'm sure


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I cooked a 22 pounder for T day in the pellet grill, it was good


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Hard to beat a rotisserie prime rib smoked with cherry and pecan. Prime rib is usually tender so I’ve never found that sous vide was required.
Another favorite of ours is to back in salt and cook in the Dutch oven.


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I would vote sv, then sear.

I typically dry age, then cut into steaks so that I have more control over the temps of the entire piece of meat being served. SV will help accomplish that same thinking.


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Smoke or Rotisserie.
SV is more for Meats that need to be tenderized, like Eye Rounds & Chuckies.
And Fat doesn't do well in SV.
Smoking is Best, but if you can hold your Gas Grill between 220° & 260°, go for it.

Should look like These:
Prime Rib Calendar (14 Smoked Prime Ribs)



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I’m with Bear. Smoke or rotisserie!
Me three! Rotisserie prime would be pretty darned sweet, I don't have one. I'm doing a seven pound boneless rib roast later today on my Pro 100, that'll be a different thread. RAY


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I'm planning to do a large prime for our big bash. I'll go the Lazy Man's way on the Yoder 640 and use the rotisserie set up. Then I will swap to the grill grates for the ones who don't like rare/med rare. Everyone not only enjoys it but request it and the group keeps growing. We must be doing something right?

Let us know what you decide and of course I always look forward to seeing everyones pics.


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Never did a rotisserie PR, always just smoked them.
But this sure has me thinking!

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That is a showstopper of a roast if there ever was one. Dang. You could cook that any damned way you like and as long as it isn’t overdone you’re laughing.

I’d probably do a reverse sear over lump and some white oak chunks, I’d keep it in a foil tray for main cook though, you don’t wanna waste drippings from that.

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