Prime Eye of Round

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Sep 19, 2018
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While I was chasing CAB boneless chuck roasts around at Lowes Foods, I noticed that they had USDA Prime Eye of Round on sale for $5.99/lb. That seems like a good price for prime anything and I don't really know why, but this one jumped in my cart for the ride home...

Now I'm puzzled as to what to do with it as I've never been a big fan of EOR, except for jerky or cubed steak, and I probably shouldn't have bought it, but now I've got it and don't want to screw it up. I've looked through several threads on here about what to do with it and I'm leaning towards smoking it to rare-medium rare then slicing thin for either sandwiches or just roast beef. I'm for sure not making jerky with it, but what other ideas have y'all got for me?
I’d cut it half or even thirds smoke one piece to rare-ish freeze the rest so you have more choices. Of course that depends on how many you are feeding. And yes, those open face gravy slathered sammich are home comfort.
I'm think I'll go with the consensus and smoke it rare, slice thin, and sandwiches with some gravy is what I'll do...
Salt only EQ dry brine first or roll smoke w/o? I EQ 2" thick chucks before roasting or smoking to 1.6% for 2-3 days. That EOR would need closer to 4 I would think.

Sets you up about perfect for a Sunday smoke ;)
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Prime eye would make a good table roast.

Thin sliced for an open faced sandwich with a nice thick gravy would be great also.
Open faced has got my vote!!!

Over 6 1/2 lbs... For me a couple of lbs would go towards jerky... If your not feeding a lot... I hope you have a vacuum sealer... I'm seeing PLENTY of left overs ...

I'm along with the open face sammy... But I'm also along with SmokinEdge SmokinEdge (3rds)...
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