Pre Sear on An Eye of Round?

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Dec 10, 2020
Am new to this method of cooking...Have done a couple of Chops and steaks so far...

Can I season, presear, then bag and Sous Vide? 5 Lb roast

Super hot oven for a short sear, or pan?
When cooking roasts one reason you sear then cook is to lock in the juices. With Sous Vide since you’re cooking in a sealed bag you’re cooking in the juices so pre-searing isn’t really needed.
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I like to sear mine after SV, if I sear at all.
Some say they sear it first to kill any Cooties that may be on the surface, before the nice long warm bath.

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I definitely like to sear after as well, not sure how it would turn out preseared. Seared and then cooking in a bag of juices seams like it would kinda undo (for lack of a better term) the sear.
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I would agree with searing after...but I like the idea of doing both ways to see which way you prefer! Take pics and let us know your results and thoughts.

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