Posting Problems on Forum w/Firefox

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Dec 29, 2009
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 Am I the only one having issues posting on this forum?  I can't get my curser to show up, and at the bottom of the page, it reads "Read".  It's almost like the page is locked up.Todd 
I have had issues with my cursor not showing up for months. I was still able to type but if I had to go back and correct something I was out of luck. I would have to post the thread and then go back and edit the post. Are you able to type at all in the post if you just start typing? Some times after a spell check I would be able to get my cursor back.
If I hit "CLEAR" in the lower left corner, the cursor shows up.

I'm not going to post a big smoke with a bunch of pics and not be able to make changes

Also, the pages seem to take longer to load

Yea, I tried to edit and don't know what happened.

Tonight my Private Messenger started doing the same thing

Is anyone from Huddler read these posts?

I have not had any cursor troubles Todd, but after 11:00 pm every night my spell check will not work. The one here as well as the one thats built into my oprea browser. Now tell me thats not strange.

LOL I just have bad spelling at night. 
Just started happening to PM's tonight and hitting Spell Check does not help.

I don't think I'm the only one having issues.

I use FIREFOX and will switch over to Explorer to see if that makes a diff.

I use Firefox as well. I will be reading a post and then finally the post will load fully and it will all of a sudden scroll to the top of the page and I have to scroll back down to where I was looking or typing.
Switched to IE and posting on forum works perfect.

Just tried PM and it works on IE

Go Figure!!!

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I had too many issues with IE locking up, slow, etc. and switched to Google Chrome and haven't had a single problem since.
Google Chrome here too. Great browser! Best thing is almost all the virus attacks are aimed at IE. Very little action against Chrome.
I don't have firefox, or IE, but I wouldn't blame your browsers, because I have an iMac27 (with Safari browser), and for the last week or more, making replies & comments has been quite a bit slower for me too. I'm by far not a computer guru, but I seriously doubt that all of our different browsers went bad at one time.

Thanks for bringing this up Todd---I thought it was my computer too.

I am using IE today, and SMF works better, but now I get popups!

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