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  1. So I smoked my first shoulder this past wed.  I was looking at the temps in which cook at. I read it wrong when the article said to smoke until the IT reaches 140 and spray it with a combo of ACV and oil every 45 minutes while cooking on the smoker then pull and put in the oven until it reached a IT of 200 to 205. I missed the last part and i pulled it at 140 let it rest 45 minutes and it was done but very tough to cut and a dry, not real bad but not great. My question is  should I leave it in there at a temp between 225 and 250 for as long as it takes to get to a IT of 200 to 205? This seems to be what i am reading all over here, please any help is appreciated, {and if it turns out good I might bring you a PPS if you live in my area} plus what will help with the moistness after it is done? thank you
  2. Here are the instructions for the basic pulled pork. This is fantastic, i have used it once and i could not believe how great the results were. But as far as your question, yes leave it on the smoker until it gets to an internal temperature between 195-205. Once it reaches an internal temp of 165 you can also double wrap in heavy duty aluminum and finish in the oven in lieu of leaving it on the smoker. As far a moisture maybe try injecting them, making sure you let them rest adequately and using a finishing sauce. Some of the members can probably tell you better than i could. Anyhow hope this helps

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      wHAT HE SAID ABOUT THE TEMP. tAKE IT TO 200- 205, LET IT REST FOR AN HOUR, THEN PULL IT. sOFLAQUER HAS AN awesome FINISHING SAUCE IF YOU DON;T THINK IT IS MOIST ENOUGH. ( I need to learn to type!) Give it another go. It will be great!

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    The finishing sauce from SoFlaQuer is a must for pulled pork, really nice addition to the already great meat.  And X2 on the temps.  I wrap at 165, then take them all the way to 205 degrees, then rest for an hour.  Nothing but wholesome goodness, I usually get full from sampling the pork as I pull it.  I also have done them both ways, I have kept them on the smoker until they reached 205 and I have also wrapped at 165 and stuck in the oven until 205.  After they're wrapped, no more smoke is getting to the meat anyway.  Might as well get some sleep instead of tending the fire.

    By the way, welcome rayray, happy smoking and you won't find a more friendly or helpful place for smoking meat than right here. 
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    Mike, your typing is fine but you need to work on your use of the caps lock button![​IMG]
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    Does anyone have a link to this finishing sauce by SoFlaQuer that you speak of? I would love to read it.
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    Thanks Schaydu! I'm gonna have to try that, I love Tony's.
  8. No problem,  S2K9K. I made myself almost sick when I was pulling them because i was eating so much. Let the finishing sauce set on it for a few minutes before you eat it though. I found out that it was very vinegary when i was sampling it right after i put the sauce on it.
  9. Hey fellas, I did another shoulder on sat. nite.This was an amazing piece of meat that has got me wanting to cook more. I left it to smoker for 7 1/2 hrs. to a IT of 160, then wrapped in foil and in the oven. Needless to say when I took it out I knew right away I had gold this time.I wrapped in a towel and into my little cooler and off to friends house, they said I have a never ending invitation to all the UFC fights in the future.Thanks I appreciate all the help from you all, and I will try that sauce mentioned above.
  10. Happy it turned out so good and snagged you a standing invitation to the UFC fights!!!! My last butt I didn't foil it at 165* and the bark was to die for!
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    How do you cook it with fat up or down/.

    I'm thinking of leaving it on the smoker until it i done.?

    Please note guys I am very new at this....smoked ribs tonight and we ordered in, ribs were not done,
  12. Glad your second go around was better RayRay! Put some pictures up next time and share your creations with everyone. 

    And adp32, I put mine fat side down. I've read that doing it fat side down will help protect the meat if you have a spike in the temp. Ive also seen people say that putting it fat side up will help baste the meat. So i guess its a matter of preference. Anyhow check out this link for the step by step instructions on how to smoke the butts. The results are fantastic. Enjoy!

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    Thanks it looks like it's doing great....going to spray it now with some apple juice and rum.  Great forum guys keep up the good work!
  14. We have no idea what it looks like.

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    11 hours, and let it rest wrapped in foil and a towel over night,  pulled it apart this morning(still warm), and it is awesome! 

    Guys thank you all for the pointers, the way I figure it, it can only get better from here.

    This is going to be one crazy smoke'n summer up here in Canada EH! [​IMG]

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