Pork belly slices

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Sep 19, 2017
Tried the pork belly slices recipe. Says to smoke @225 for 90 minutes to reach 205. It took me about 4.5 hours to reach 205. Using a Pitboss Pro. Any ideas?
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No remote thermometer but the factory sensor is right at grate level. Next time I’ll use my MEATER.
You might be surprised. I’ve yet to see a factory setting be the actual temp. It’s part of learning to drive your pit. You probably have hot spots too. I never trust the digital read out I only use that as a guide and have learned that you may have to set the digital to 250* to have grate temps at 225* as an example.
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Clean your temp sensor/probe. I need to clean mine and re-calibrate. Last time I calibrated I had to adjust my setting WAAAYYYYY down before 225 on the readout was even close to 225 in the smoker. The side closest to the vent is an easy 10-15 degrees hotter than the other side, so when I do 2 pieces of meat I rotate them at least once.
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