Pork Rib Belly Bacon

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Nov 18, 2006
Okay I'm nuts but I did bacon on a week night! I bought that strage little 6 lb pork belly rib thingy last week and cut off th ribs to use it as a bacon belly. Brined it for a week, washed it up and scrubbed it and smoked it at about 130 degrees for 26 hours. I took a nap between 11pm and 2 am got up and added a few more coals and a chunk of wood, went to bed and got up again at 4:30 for work added a few more coals and little wood. Had ot have Jessie add some charcoal and a chunk of wood while I was at work (that was almost too funny). Anyway It looks like it made a nice albeit small slab of bacon. Did king of hack it on top getting the ribs off but ti lookd pretty good.



Looks great Deb, have you tried it yet?

Hmmm, lamb bacon... not a baaaaaad idea!
T-bone - I think this might be it for Jessie - Newbies! Sheesh!

Hawg - I'm slicing it tonight and it's gonna be supper - BLTs. It smells even better after being in the fridge over night.

JTS - I'll let you know shortly!

S4L - 7:30 okay?

Placebo - there no limit to what you can do with a smoker! Thanks!

seaham - I found out the first time I made it to wait overnight, It doesn't taste as good until it's been chilled for some reason. Yes I have a great little slicer recommend by my man Smoked. It's a Weston heavy duty 9" slicer.
OKay all I can say is WOW! This is the bacon I grew up eatting on the farm! Very meaty ans delicious! The last one was so fatty I couldn't eat it - this is perfect!



I have heard of people doing it in less time. I just remember as a kid they did them for days and they were amazing. This was damned near perfect don't regret waiting - just a tad salty but that's always my grip about bacons.
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