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  1. Well, I hit the store hungry.  You know how that goes.  I left with onions, mushrooms, pork loin, spare ribs, chicken thighs, and bratwurst.

    I'll add Qview as I go.  Just wanted to let you guys in on this.

    Doing everything at 225-240*.

    Loin to 145* IT

    Corn in the husk with Italian dressing for two hours

    Onions and Mushrooms in drip pan

    Chicken - well, it's chicken.  I'm gonna smoke it.

    Ribs - 2-2-1

    Brats - 155* IT

    More to come!
  2. waterinholebrew

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    Sounds like a heck of a meal, I'm on my way !! :avatar3972_3: :laugh1:
  3. Here's what I bought:

    I cut open the pork loin so I could season the inside and put some onions in it!

    The ribs came pre-seasoned.

    More to come!!
  4. foamheart

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    I know this will be impressive, but you think you'll have enough..... <Chuckles>

    Actually when I saw your knife, I now expect greatness!
  5. Your keen attention to detail is only surpassed by your exceptional taste in cutlery, my good man.

    My wife thinks I'm "cute" for using this knife in the kitchen.  Fact of the matter is - if you even get near it with a whetstone, it will split atoms.

  6. Okay, I threw some hot dogs on there in the mean time.

    The pork loin was at 170* by the time I probed it.  I was worried it was ruined, but it was actually very good.

    The chicken turned out great!

    My wife and kids liked the ribs.  I thought they were terrible.  Tasted just like smoked sausage.  2-2-1 didn't work out so well.  Ended up being 2-1, and they were at 200*.  Meh, they were an afterthought anyway.

    I didn't leave the corn on long enough to do it justice, but it was the only thing left on the smoker, and it seemed done when I squeezed it.

    These were pretty tasty.  I was surprised that they were in there longer than anything else, (almost 4 hours), and the onions weren't quite done all the way.  I'd say right about perfect.  I was worried they were going to be moosh, but they were alright.

    Hope you liked the impromptu smoke!  Happy bbqing.
  7. foamheart

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    It looked pretty good to me. I am guessing probably what happened with the ribs... you mentioned pre-seasoned. Most commercial seasoning have huge amounts of salt and/or sugar. Which can change the meats density, is it back. No, you just need to know to watch for it, just like fresh spares and cryo packed "enhanced". They are noth ribs but don't cook the same.

    I can't say a thing about corn. Only once in my life did it come out right and it was because I had to leave mid-smoke and return later. Now with store bought teeth it doesn't much excite me anyway.

    Mushrooms and onions in "da drippin's" are always show stoppers.

    Looks pretty good to me!

    And that's a cute helper ya got there.

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