Pork butt questions for a beginner.

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  1. I recently tried to smoke a boneless pork butt around 4 lbs I rubbed it down with yellow mustard and a local seasoning. Set the temp on my electric smoker @ 200 degrees. It sat in the smoker all day at least 12 hours and never reached 190 IT. Any thoughts? Was my temp too low? I've heard of meat stalling during the cooking processpray, was I not hot enough to overcome this stall?
  2. Yes your temp was too low. I would start it at least 225*. Also there is usually a stall at around 160* IT. You can wrap it at that point or bump up the temp to help get through the stall.
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    Sometimes I will run the smoker at 210 for the first few hours, then bump it up to 225.

    You want the finish temp of the butt to be around 205 for pulling. If the smoker temp is only 200, it's never going to get there.

  4. Thank you both for your input! I will give it a try this weekend and post my results!
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    Yes, the other posts were spot on, the cooking temp is a bit too low. I personally do mine in the 225 - 250 range, probably closer to the 250 temp.
  6. I'm looking for good pointers on injecting pork but. I soaked 15 pounder 2 days in Apple cider vinegar and Apple juice. Then added my rub then injected. Cooking 225 to 250. Any suggestions from here?
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    The others have given good advice.

    Just remember that your cooking temp needs to be at least 20' or better over your desired finished IT (internal temp).
    So if aiming for 205' IT, a cooking temp of 225' is just going to suffice, and is going to take awhile to render the meat tender.

    You can wait through the stall
    bump up the temp another 25' or more
    or you can crutch it (wrap in foil or butcher paper) to speed it through the stall and rest of the cook

    When crutched you can do it dry or add a braising liquid if you like.
    Liquids can affect the outcome of the bark if too much is used.

    I've never soaked or otherwise brined a Butt/Shoulder, just rubbed with/without a binder.
    I've also never injected, but many do.
  8. I just started taking notes today. Not going for pulled pork. I slice it up for dinner. What temps should I take it out and put in cooler? I started at 65° in 2 hours I've reached 90°on a 15lb but
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    For slicing I would be looking to pull at 165'-175' IT, depending on tenderness.
    Be sure to let it rest, and let the IT drop to 145" or lower before slicing, this will help keep the meat juicy when slicing.
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  10. Should i put in cooler at like 145°?
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    If you are cooking a Butt for slicing, cook it until the internal temp is 165°-175°.
    The remove, wrap it in foil and let it rest either on the counter or in a cooler.
    Once the IT has fallen to 145°, you may unwrap and start slicing.
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  12. Won't it keep cooking in cooler?
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    Yes, the temp will rise a few degrees, which will happen even tented on the counter.
    No biggie, you can pull it off 4°-5° before your target temp.
    But another few degrees won't turned that Sliced Pork into Pulled Pork.
  14. K.ty.
  15. Just checked temps at 4 hours only 135°. Is this a huge problem?
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  16. Question? Just checked my temp at 4hr mark was only 125° I'm raising grill temp to 325° Is that going to be ok on a 15lb pork but that I injected and slowed to soak in Apple-cider vinegar for to day's?
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    He buzz. You never said what kind of smoker do you have? Also are you using a remote therm or going by the stock therm on the smoker?

  18. I have a small wood smoker with hot box for wood. I have a probe thermometer and one on smoker lid. I'm building a bigger one this week that will do whole hog.
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    Low and slow is a great goal when smoking but a pork butt or shoulder is forgiving enough that I don't stress the smoker temp till it want to go above 275.

    I allow 2 hours per pound for butt, don't wrap them and don't stress the smoker temp too much.

    Are you playing a Gretsch Falcon?


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