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  1. Sooo new to smoking and I think ive watched and read just about everything there is to smoking a pork butt. They turn out ok, the only complainant is they keep having a rubbery texture . I smoke to 160 at 225 and wrap finish at 195 at 250 then let it rest for an hour. From what I been reading it sound like im under cooking. Ive tried to different temp readers. Any thoughts on the temps? should I let it go a little longer , rest longer? Im going to try again in the morning. Thanks for the help.
  2. drlchi

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    Try to get it to internal temp of 200-205F...I pull mine at 205 and get great results every time. Post your entire process and some pictures, maybe we can help.

  3. danmcg

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    Temps sound fine. Like Drlchi mention let it go to 205°. when you rest it, is it wrapped and in a cooler?
  4. Sounds good, I just put one on about 10 min ago. will get some pics and keep you updated .
  5. No I didnt wrap and put in a cooler, was planing to this time..

  6. I have a Treager and I use a smoke stick to get extra smoke.. using hickory and apple. 
  7. At 190° start poking it until a probe goes through it with no resistance. It will happen be patient.

  8. 3 hours in , smoking at 225 and internal is at 138.. 
  9. noboundaries

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    Let me be the third to recommend 205F final IT.  I've smoked butts to final ITs between 185F to 215F and found that 203-205 always gives me a consistently succulent and tender product regardless of the chamber temp. 
  10. drlchi

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    Also...quit opening the door! You lose heat everytime you do that and it extends the cook time and most definitely adds to that rubbery texture you're trying to avoid.

    Looks good, though!

    Let her sit in there until she hits ~190 int temp, like others said, and then start probing it to see tenderness...most likely will be perfect at or around 205. Good luck and let us know!
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    I know it's difficult when you first start smoking to leave it alone but one of the key pieces of advice that you will ever get is to keep the smoker closed. It's not going anywhere and since you have a thermometer probe already in the meat there is no reason to open your pit until it's done.

  12. I normally don't open for the first 3 hours, just  to mop on some juice on every hour or so..  I let it hit 205 then pulled it and let rest in a cooler for 2 1/2 hours or so.. Got back home and started to pull it apart, guys it was like butter . It was so stinking tender I dont think I could have done any better. THANKS everyone for the help and tips !!
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    Yep! I think the cooler step is definitely what finishes it!
  14. smokin phil

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    The highest temp I've ever heard of a pork butt be taken to (on purpose) is 220F. I think that's too high, but haven't tried it myself. I take mine to 205F. Never had a problem. ALWAYS get "rave reviews". 195F is a little low, but with resting it should get to at least 200F, and should be OK. Checked your therm(s) with boiling water?
  15. drlchi

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    Lookin' good! Nice job!
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    what do you recommend to cool the pork? Just in the fridge ok? and do you wrap it? 
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    At my house, we store what's going to be used within 2-3 days in a plastic bowl with lid in the fridge. All else gets portioned, vacpacked and frozen. I usually do about a 50-50 mix of 1 and 2 pound portions. They will last a VERY long time packaged like this, although it never does around my house.
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  18. drlchi

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    To cool it after it's done smoking I usually wrap it in foil and put it in the oven (oven's off), but if you have a cooler you can use that. Some people put towels over it too. Just let it sit for an hour before you shred it and it should be good!
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    I usually do mine to 205 it then cooler it but fir me ive usually do about 5 hours of smoke then about another 4 in foil to finish it off and that is nearly dead on every time but thats when the,cooler does the trick if im off, happy smoking yours looks good tho
  20. Nice , Looks Good,  A fool proof method is grab the bone and wiggle it, if it feels loose and starts to slide out It's Ready


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