Pork belly

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Jul 21, 2012
Hamilton, Ontario
We smoked a pork belly in the electric smoker. The plan was to move it to the charcoal unit for last hour but weather had other ideas as it was raining. Tasted really good. Put corn on cob (in husks) in smoker for last 3/4 hour.
Both very tasty. Yellow corn is a treat for us.

THis may be heretical but the pork belly did not need bbq sauce.


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Looks amazing! Great work! I think it’s almost worse to use BBQ sauce if you did well by the meat!
I'll be on team "no sauce". It may not suit everyone, but I am of the opinion that a really nicely cooked chunk of meat requires no sauce. Especially belly. There's a ton of flavor in there on its own
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Pork belly (or side pork) to me is a no sweet & tomato sauce. The only cover I like is a white gravy made from drippings and that goes over the boiled taters.
Looks good. No Sauce on Pork Belly. And NEVER on Beef!...JJ
nice. Like the others said, a good piece of meat if cooked correctly dont need a sauce. That would be like putting ketchup on wagyu.
That looks pretty darned tasty and I love the concept with no sauce. Just wish there were a few more pics :emoji_wink:

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