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  1. K

    Salt and sugar percentage by weight preference

    I am planning to start curing a pork belly to make bacon this weekend. Some members have given me their recommendations on salt and sugar percentage by weight of the pork belly which I appreciate. Please can you let me know your personal preference or experience using certain ratios. I'm...
  2. K

    First time doing an equilibrium cure

    This is my first attempt at curing bacon. I followed this recipe below: Ingredients Pork Belly For the cure (dry rub): 3 oz Prague Powder #1 28 oz Kosher Salt 17 oz Brown Sugar Instructions: Using a scale weigh the ingredients accordingly and mix together kosher salt brown sugar, and Prague...
  3. thirdeye

    More Stuffed Onions ~ Beef, Jalapeno, Blue Cheese, with a Bacon Jam Whiskey Glaze

    The recent stuffed onion threads, one with a jalapeno & cheese sausage filling, and the other with the Swedish meatball filling prompted me to make a pair. I generally use the small yellow onions because the heat will cook out and they only need one strip of bacon for the wrap. But this time...
  4. M

    Minimum salt% in pork loin?

    First time attempting homemade bacon! I used a piece of skin on pork loin but followed a recipe for a pork belly. Recipe called for prep of a bulk cure mix - 400g salt. 200g sugar. 60g pink curing salt (6.25% NaNO3). I then weighed my meat and calculated 2.5% of this weight and used this value...
  5. hunter rose

    Stuffed turkey breast

    Snowmageddon cook... smoked turkey breast stuffed with bacon, havarti and salami. Came out great!
  6. thirdeye

    Streak O' Lean ~aka~ Side Meat ~aka~ Salt Pork

    It goes by several names, and if you come from the South you may have had it (if you're old enough).... or if your kinfolk still cook with the old ways. With me it's definitely a Grandpa thing. Streak O' Lean is cured but un-smoked pork belly, in other words, think fresh side pork that has...
  7. thirdeye

    There Is A Santa Claus ~ And His Sleigh Is Full Of Pork Belly

    In the high lonesome, pork bellies have been scarcer than hens teeth most of the year. The last one I bought was 6 months ago. I belong to a group of friends that often do group purchases... everything from sweet corn to smoking woods, spices and other mail order things to save on shipping...
  8. cluckinchicken6

    Beef bacon

    I had acquired beef navel from the local butcher it is 2.5 to 3 inches thick with a large fat cap I dry cured using Morton’s tender quick and have left it in the cure for 5 weeks is this too long I know I usually do a 14 day for 2” bellies. I’d this meat salvageable or should I chunk it in the trash
  9. thirdeye

    ABT's ~ Canoe Style

    Instead of making ABT's 'upright' or the horizontal 'half peppers', here is an alternate method. It works good if you add a Lil' Smokey or some sausage , but it gives the bacon a seat. Here is the prep, a cut across each end, then side cuts. I don't go super heavy on the rub in the cream...
  10. disco

    Bacon Burnt Ends

    I love Pork Belly Burnt Ends. However, as I was making some bacon, my defective gene kicked in and I wondered how burnt ends would taste made from cured pork belly (bacon). It must be done. The first thing you need is a piece of unsliced bacon. You can just go to supermarket and buy a piece of...
  11. thirdeye

    Cowboy Bacon ~ 12 and 12

    In my neck of the woods pork bellies are very hard to find so I picked up a Prime brisket from Sam's Club and cured the flat. My ratios were 1.7% salt, 1% sugar and 0.25% Cure #1. The only seasoning was black pepper. This was cured and turned daily for 12 days, rested 18 hours and cold smoked...
  12. PrairieMomDieselDad

    New kid on the block

    New to smoking. Trying pork bellies for bacon and also ham. Wet cured now trying the cold smoker out. If the meats cured do I need to make sure the temp is below a certain temp? I can ask somewhere else also.
  13. disco

    Traeger Scallops and Bacon

    I have been making scallops wrapped in bacon for decades. I always make them the same way. I wrap bacon around a scallop, put a toothpick through to secure the bacon and grill them on my Weber Genesis on high. They looked and tasted great. However, the toothpicks would char, and you had to...
  14. S

    Bad batch - What to do?

    Hi All, first post here. I just fried up a slice from the first belly that hit 145f. It did not get crispy(very chewy despite thinness) and burned at the lowest setting my fry pan would go. Just this morning I fried up some store bought(leftovers from a camping trip, I didn't buy it), and it...
  15. B

    First ever bacon explosion/ "fatty"

    Took over 2 hours because I didn't put in enough charcoal. Had to finish over propane. ... worth every freaking minute. No BBQ sauce, just a basic rub, charcoal, and mesquite. 10/10, doing it again!
  16. Asi

    First time Dry Curing Bacon nitrite free - Got some questions!

    Hey everyone, lurking around here for the last few days since I started making jerky and bacon lately. Getting your hands on expensive bacon in Israel is extremely hard and very expensive, so I'm making my first bacon. it's dry curing in coarse salt, brown sugar, black pepper, maple syrup...
  17. S

    Featured Diy upright smoker

    Hi guys i am sharing my upright smoker made of steel drum. I am excited to try smoking bacon in here. Any thoughts?
  18. edward36

    Pork belly burnt ends - aka the pig candies

    Hi there, guys! This is my take on the absolutely mouthwatering recipe by Jess Pryles, the one and only! What you will need: - 3-4 lb pork belly, skin off, cut into 3-4cm (1 ½") cubes. - Your favourite BBQ rub - I used a rub with a bit of cherry sweetness in it, e.g. Three Little Pigs Touch...
  19. Misplaced Nebraskan

    Stuffed CI Chicken, Strawberry and Candied Pecan Salad, Cookies and Ice cream.

    Goat Cheese and Bacon Stuffed Chicken with Mediterranean Potatoes and Green Beans Candied Pecan and Strawberry Spinach Salad Pecan and Chopped Chocolate Cake Cookies with Blue Bell First, the Chicken: This has become a recurring favorite here. This time I decided to try and...
  20. B

    Orange/Honey Bacon? Can anybody help?

    So, i've been making my own pepper bacon for a while and have experimented with maple and honey too. I'm looking to try something new... We had a Lucky's Market here that did an orange/honey bacon that was amazing. They recently closed and I was looking for a recipe to try to recreate it. Has...
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