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  1. Markl

    Bacon 2nd attempt with new rig better than first

    First attempt was using a smoke tube in my Pit Boss pellet smoker. Wasn't bad, but a little strong/harsh until I bagged it for a few days to mellow. This time I used my new cold smoke rig, picking up a used MES 30 digital and added the mailbox mod. Used the A-maze-n smoke tube with Hickory...
  2. D

    White dots on freshly made bacon. Is this normal or safe?

    My second time making bacon from scratch. If just pulled it out of the baby and has these small white dots on it. Is this normal or safe to eat?
  3. Markl

    Cure Calc Help Needed, Confused for first time bacon attempt

    Going to try my first attempt at making some bacon. I have the pork belly, Cure #1, salt, sugar. I found posts that state a good rule of thumb is: .25% Cure #1 1.5% Salt 1.0% Sugar What I don't get is the calculator on DiggingDogFarm where I cannot seem to alter the input for cure from it's...
  4. D

    First timer curing bacon. Have I used too much cure? Help needed

    I have recently prepared some pork belly(1.9kg) with a pre made bacon cure(Misty Valley Maple Bacon Cure). Part of the meat was feeling soft so I ended up adding 10g more cure to it. The instructions on the bacon cure is 40g per kg. In total, I have added 90g of cure To 1.9kg pork. The bacon...
  5. AngleAway

    First Bacon Attempt wIth BB

    Hey Guys, I’ve been reading around this forum for a while and have been inspired by all of your amazing posts and information to embark on a bacon adventure. Also helped that my local Kroger had butts on sale at 0.97/lb! Been smoking and cooking for quite some time, but am just beginning curing...
  6. gmc2003

    BLT - Kettle Style

    Good morning fellow Q'ers. I was kinda jealous after seeing @civilsmoker Beef rib post. Not because of the ribs (Although they looked great), but because of the fresh tomatoes. We don't have a garden, but our neighbors do, and their tomatoes haven't ripened yet. Since I was out and about...
  7. GrumpyGriller

    Cut, Toss, or Keep As-Is?

    So I pulled this out of the bag yesterday and patted it dry. It went uncovered in the fridge to form the pellicle. It looks fine except for the white stuff on the one jagged edge. Was going to smoke it overnight, but? Thoughts and suggestions?
  8. GrumpyGriller

    Restart after temp dip- Still OK...I hope?

    So here's the deal :) Dry cured some pork belly for about 10 days and put it on the smoker (Timberline 1300) last night. It was going fine until with the belly up to about 105 (in about 3-4 hours) and then for some reason, the fire went out, so by time the alarm woke me up the pit temp went...
  9. N

    Brisket Choice

    My wife went to Costco the other day and bought me this brisket. I don't have the ability to smoke it and all of the fat cap has been cut away so it would more then likely come out dry like the last one. So, I'm wondering what my choices are, could use some advice. My first thought was...
  10. kgb1

    Question on adding Bourbon flavor to smoked bacon

    I use Pop's curing brine for wet curing my pork belly (for 9 days) before smoking. I would like to try to introduce bourbon into the overall process for the added flavor. So I have a few questions: Which is the best approach: Adding bourbon to the brine during curing, or adding after curing...
  11. Majja13

    How to use a CampChef 18: SV to cold smoke

    My thoughts wile I am waiting to get the new pellet rig, I have always wanted to venture into the realm of cold smoke ( cheese, meats and yes BACON) I know there are a million one ways probably to do this. What was I thinking was kind of using a A-Maze-N tube or maze in the wood trey on my SV to...
  12. S

    First time bacon maker. Too much cure #1. Did I ruin it?

    First time bacon maker here, and I unfortunately found this forum after I attempted my first cure. I followed a recipe that I apparently misunderstood. I used 2.5% salt by weight. . . but I used 2.5% of cure #1 as my only salt. I just realized this mistake. The bacon has been in the fridge for...
  13. M

    Correct Amount Of Cure #1?

    Hi Everyone, I've been successful in making bacon a number of times previously using dry cures that I calculate using the digging dog farm calculator. However, I wanted to experiment with some liquid in the brine to see if I could impart some additional flavors. From what I've read, when...
  14. K

    Salt and sugar percentage by weight preference

    I am planning to start curing a pork belly to make bacon this weekend. Some members have given me their recommendations on salt and sugar percentage by weight of the pork belly which I appreciate. Please can you let me know your personal preference or experience using certain ratios. I'm...
  15. K

    First time doing an equilibrium cure

    This is my first attempt at curing bacon. I followed this recipe below: Ingredients Pork Belly For the cure (dry rub): 3 oz Prague Powder #1 28 oz Kosher Salt 17 oz Brown Sugar Instructions: Using a scale weigh the ingredients accordingly and mix together kosher salt brown sugar, and Prague...
  16. thirdeye

    More Stuffed Onions ~ Beef, Jalapeno, Blue Cheese, with a Bacon Jam Whiskey Glaze

    The recent stuffed onion threads, one with a jalapeno & cheese sausage filling, and the other with the Swedish meatball filling prompted me to make a pair. I generally use the small yellow onions because the heat will cook out and they only need one strip of bacon for the wrap. But this time...
  17. M

    Minimum salt% in pork loin?

    First time attempting homemade bacon! I used a piece of skin on pork loin but followed a recipe for a pork belly. Recipe called for prep of a bulk cure mix - 400g salt. 200g sugar. 60g pink curing salt (6.25% NaNO3). I then weighed my meat and calculated 2.5% of this weight and used this value...
  18. hunter rose

    Stuffed turkey breast

    Snowmageddon cook... smoked turkey breast stuffed with bacon, havarti and salami. Came out great!
  19. thirdeye

    Streak O' Lean ~aka~ Side Meat ~aka~ Salt Pork

    It goes by several names, and if you come from the South you may have had it (if you're old enough).... or if your kinfolk still cook with the old ways. With me it's definitely a Grandpa thing. Streak O' Lean is cured but un-smoked pork belly, in other words, think fresh side pork that has...
  20. thirdeye

    There Is A Santa Claus ~ And His Sleigh Is Full Of Pork Belly

    In the high lonesome, pork bellies have been scarcer than hens teeth most of the year. The last one I bought was 6 months ago. I belong to a group of friends that often do group purchases... everything from sweet corn to smoking woods, spices and other mail order things to save on shipping...