Pork, Beef Roast and Whole Chicken...

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Jan 21, 2011
This is from a couple of weeks ago...My wife and I are buying our first home, so I've been too busy to post any of this.  We had a little shindig and needed to feed a crew of 10-12 people.  Here's the GOODS:


Ignore the ground sirloin, the wife picked that up for something else.  

I mixed up a brine for the chicken the night before smoking - I put in several tablespoons of ground sea salt and pepper, some Tony C's, a few tablespoons of sugar, and...buttermilk.  I'm not sure how you feel about buttermilk (I've heard different opinions), but I've done it twice now, and it's been delicious for me both times - gives the chicken a nice tangy taste without overwhelming the smoke.  

Soaked my wood, put the mustard and dry rub on the pork, and used a simple salt/pepper combo on the beef roast:


Fired up the cheap Brinkmann vertical charcoal smoker - I only started smoking meat earlier this year, so I wanted something inexpensive to start - I have had slight trouble keeping the temperature warm enough, but nothing too bad.  

Brought the beef up to around 150F and then pulled it.  I brought the pork to around 165F in about 3.5/4 hours and then finished it in the oven.  The chicken took around 4 hours to hit critical temp - I then put it in foil and in the oven to try to crisp the skin - not much success, though.  I think next time I will leave the chicken unfoiled and broil it in the oven to get it nice and crispy.  More pics:



Pic foul on the pork - it went REALLY fast - by the time I was done with my plate, there was hardly any left (only did a 3-4 lb butt).  

Yes your smoke sure does look good and I bet it went fast to. So welcome to SMF. You'll like it here.
Thanks...this website was such a great resource...I've smoked 4 or 5 times now, and I learn something new every time...I also learn something new everytime I jump on here.  Thanks to all that make this such a great place for newbquers...If that's a word?
Congrats on the new house and looks like you got the smokin habit goin too
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