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    Yesterday I had about 16 folks coming over for a party and I wanted to try something a bit different, so I decided to try a 


    I started our with a 10 lb pork belly that I scored the skin of and seasoned with salt and pepper.

    Next I flipped it over and added a layer of pesto, mushrooms and onion.

    Then it was a layer of Italian sausage and a pork loin.

    Then I rolled it all up, tied it with kitchen string and put it on the WSM, (next time I'll put it on the Lang, it was a bit tight on the WSM)

    I smoked it at 250 degrees over hickory wood for about 5 hours until I hit and internal temp of 165 degrees. With the ground meat I wanted to make sure that I was past the safe zone. Then I pulled it off the smoker and let it rest for about an hour in my hot box.

    About 30 min before the guests were to arrive, to crisp up the skin I put it in a 500 deg oven, After 30 min the skin was crisp and wonderful.

    I served up full slices with a side of baked potatoes, an avocado salad and baked beans. 

    Everyone loved it. It was very moist and tender with a great smoked flavor. I will do this again 

    for a large crowd.
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  2. smokinal

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    Man that is one beautiful looking roast!

    I have never done anything with pork bellies but make bacon.

    I can see I'm going to have to try this.

    It looks amazing!!

    Points to you!!!

  3. h2so4ca

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    Thank you. You should give it a try. It was very good. My only regret is it's all gone and I only had 1 slice. 

    Thats the problem with being the host. Your spending all your time making sure your guests are happy and

    well fed and then it's all gone. But everyone left happy and full and that is what makes me happy in the long run.
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    Oh lordie....  That os one beautiful dish.  POINTS! 

  5. chef jimmyj

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    Looks great! But...ONE SLICE?  You should know, not every piece leaves the Kitchen. The Chef ALWAYS get's his cut! Might be the End slices, pieces that fall apart during slicing or a piece that had sausage and mushroom but no Loin. The BEST goes to the table but  you earned the rest...[​IMG]...JJ
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  6. To the Chef always goes the spoils.
    Compliments on the Porchetta, sounded a hit.
  7. b-one

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    Looks great!

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