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Please identify this smoker

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by bowmanmt, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. bowmanmt

    bowmanmt Newbie

    20181010_201515.jpg 20181010_201515.jpg 20181010_201532.jpg Hi all, I am new to smoking. I have 25 lbs of deer summer sausage ready to get smoked up. I just purchased this Cabelas smoker used for $80. I was hoping someone in the forum would know what model this is. Its appx 5 ft tall and 20 inches across. It had about 8 trays and is propane. Thanks for having patience with the newbe
  2. navigator

    navigator Smoke Blower SMF Premier Member

  3. bowmanmt

    bowmanmt Newbie

    wow that was quick, thanks so much. now one other question? I see the cast iron holder for the wood, and there is a water pan above that , which slides into the rack rails. how much wood and water do I fill them to. I will be doing a venison 80/20 porkbutt jalapeno summer sausage, 2.5 x 20 inch links. Thanks.
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  4. crazzycajun

    crazzycajun Smoking Fanatic

    Don’t have that smoker but I wouldn’t use the water pan for ss. As far as the chips I would start with 1/2 full your going to need more than that but if it flares up it will be for nothing you’ll have to reload. I would get a tube from from amazn products a well respected sponsor on this site. Have you done a test run to make sure you can run your temps low enough? A needle valve mod may be in order.