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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by wnctracker, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. I just was gifted the smoke vault 24". I intend to smoke sausage as well as everything else and I've read it needs a needle valve to get the desired low temps. I contacted camp chef and they said it's not designed to go that low but putting the tray on top of the burner may lower the temp???

    . I know I've read on here from multiple searches that either a needle valve or regulator of some sort will make it work. I want it to be able to go from 100 deg to 400 deg. Can someone please just "point blank" tell me:

    1. Exactly what I need to buy to get these temps.

    2. Sand or water in the tray?

    3. Do I need the amazin smoker tray thing for low temp smoke and if so do I have to use pellets?
  2. chef jimmyj

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    SmokinAl should be by in the AM. He has used this gasser for years...JJ
  3. smokinal

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    My experience has been that getting the temp down to 100 is almost impossible, unless the outside temp is very low.
    Since I'm in Florida, there is no way for me to do it. Even with a needle valve, just the slightest bit of wind will blow the fire out. A pan of ice or frozen water bottles may help too. Now 400 degrees is not a problem. It will easily run at that temp. For sausage, I use an electric smoker. And yes you will need an Amazen tray, because at 100 degrees the fire will not be hot enough to burn wood chips.
    Good luck!
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    In my GOSM, he predecessor to the SV I can get down to 120-130 depending on the wind with the needle valve. I make sausage and jerky all the time with it. Keep in mind that at those lower temps you are going to be babysitting the smoker. Above 140 I can usually set it and forget it unless it’s really windy. Shielding the vents helps.
  5. dirtsailor2003

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  6. chilerelleno

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    Yes, but it isn't likely to do the job you want it to do.

    As SmokingAl said,
    "Even with a needle valve, just the slightest bit of wind will blow the fire out."
    And by that he means the flame would be flickering so low that a mouse fart would blow it out.

    I've the CCSV24 and I know I can't get mine that low either.
    Except for some of the 95°+ days in the summer, then I'd just have to stick it in the sun, light an Amazen tray and close the door, it'd get well over a hundred... LOL.
    But seriously, you'd need to get the needle valve, completely enclose the bottom of the smoker around the legs, cover the vents with some sort of baffle so they can still move the airflow, turn the wood or water tray upside down over the burner and use an Amazen tube or tray for smoke.
  7. smokeymose

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    This is, frankly, why I gave up on my MB gasser. I couldn’t get anything below 250 without propping the door open, and even with windbreaks galore, I got blowouts. I never even tried a needle valve.
    I use it now simply as a chamber for a mailbox/Amazn tube setup for cold smoking cheese and bacon or for “warm” smoking sausage with a hot plate for heat.
  8. dirtsailor2003

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    Needle valve, smoke tubes, low temps are achievable. 10 years ago or so I was going to bike an electric to do Jerky and sausage, but I didn’t. Added needle
    Valve wind breaks all’s good.

    Still have plans for the electric and PID. Have all the parts just haven’t got around to it!

    So it can be done with gas.
  9. Great. I'm sure I'll figure it all out just want to get ahead of the curve. I know I want to smoke some Lebanon bologna soon but the smoker has to stay boxed until Dec 25. House rules :)
  10. smokeymose

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    That’s just mean LOL!
  11. Has anyone tried to block off about half the burner holes ? It would seem that with holes blocked and a needle valve you could run a larger flame for wind resistance and lower btu's for lower temps.

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