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Discussion in 'Peppers' started by ikebbq, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. ikebbq

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    Got some various pepper seeds that I am going to plant this year but need some advice on starting them indoors. For those of you who have done this before any advice would be appreciated. This is my first go at it and would like to grow a few peppers this year.
  2. flash

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    Actually doing some Japs for the first time myself. I purchased some of those small pod pellets from Wal-Mart. Flat and hard, add water and they swell. Pretty cheap. You can buy little packages of refill for a buck or two. I use them to start alot of my garden stuff. Mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. should would for peppers also.
  3. ikebbq

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    I'll have to go get some of those from lowe's. What about the temperature of the soil. I've read that it needs to be around 75-85 degrees. Any tips you have on using them?
  4. flash

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    Right now I have all my seed plantings inside. I am south of you, but it got down to 29º last night and a good frost. Keep them in a window. I place four of them in those blue mushroom styrofoam containers we get at supermarket. Move them outside at times during sunny days. Transplant to a larger container as they grow, then move to soil in garden after last frost. For me that is late march.
  5. walking dude

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    i use the flats too..........soak em in water and they expand........put em under a fluro just inches above the meduim.........that will warm the soil..........

    i have been popping seeds for years...........
    i use wet paper towels..........till the seeds germ........then plant in soil
  6. ds7662

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    [​IMG] Sounds like a grow house to me[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  7. walking dude

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    who ME?????????

  8. ds7662

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    Just kidding ya..[​IMG][​IMG]
  9. monty

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    Hey, Dude!

    That method of germinating seeds is one of my favorites. Takes the guesswork outta the numbers. Once germinated and a bit of sprout is showing they are to be delicately placed in either a peat pot or a flat containing your choice of starting media. Keep a light source close and all will be well.


    When setting out your starts it is best to do this early in the morning. Dig a little deeper than required for each plant and put about a tablespoon of bone meal in the bottom of the hole, cover with about an inch of soil and then plant the l'il darlin'. They need full sun and do not require major watering.

    Good luck with your peppers!

  10. desertlites

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    yup pretty much what they say-here in southern AZ we plant year-round-there take on peppers is right on.just a hint, Grow more than u need cuz they dry real nice.and if like me u use ALOT of peppers! good luck
  11. jdfire40

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    Last year we had 4 jalapeno plants, 4 tobasco's, & 2 habanero's. We are about to get ready to start more for this year. I haven't figured out what we are planting though. We are going to do probably 4 jalapeno's, 4 tobasco's, 2 habanero's, again & a couple others. Last year I remember seeing some thai chili peppers...they said they were pretty hot also, we might try some of them this year.
  12. white cloud

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    And what they said, keep the light just a couple inches above the seedlings otherwise they will shoot up like grass that needs cutting and just fall over. Its happened to me mainly because the light source was about 2 feet above the flats. I managed to save some with toothpick props, But the plants when mature always seemed scrawney.
  13. white cloud

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    I also have some plans for a hydroponic system that would be very cheap to build. I have been wanting to build this thing for years but never got around to it. It would hold 18 veg. plants. The plans came from a Country Kitchen magazine. ( NOT A GROW HOUSE < HEY HIGH TIMES> MAGAZINE )
  14. abelman

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    Don't be afraid to get plants from a nursery. We have a short growing season out here. I plant May 15th +/- and can go as long as late Sept until we get our first hard freeze. At that point, they're done. I do peppers every year. Here are some Kung Pao's I did last year. My favorite are Thai Dragons but I couldn't find them.

    All told, I got 2 quarts of ground powder out of these plants....p.s. anyone here use chicken poop on peppers? If you don't you're missing out...

    May 15th:

    Late Fall, for us:

    A sample:

    P.S. the May plants are only $1.25.
  15. desertlites

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    yup chicken poop is good stuff
  16. jbraas

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    do any peppers work well in containers? we rent a house, but i was thinking of doing some things in containers. Some cukes for pickles maybe, and I would love some peppers to pickle with them or maybe use in salsa.
  17. Another method for starting any seeds indoors for those without a grow light is to place your sprouting containers on top of your refrigerator. The heat from your unit will help in germinating the seeds. As for container grown peppers you need to constantly water them even when adding mulch. I have grown a lot of Jalapeños in containers, and always have good returns, but smaller peppers then when grown in the ground.
  18. Did someone say something about chicken "poop" for peppers.............???
    You aught to see MY PEPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. flash

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    That's ALOT of poop!!! [​IMG]

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